Upgrade Your Semi Truck Accessories for Fall


Truck drivers face unique challenges during the fall season. While high temperatures tend to taper off, weather conditions can fluctuate from day to day. Over time, lighting solutions become even more important as the duration of daylight becomes shorter. All of these factors combine to make autumn an ideal time to upgrade interior and exterior semi truck accessories. Here are a few pointers about selecting semi truck seats for sale and making informed choices in preparation for winter driving challenges.

Enhance Your Seat

If you spend most of your time behind the wheel of your truck, it’s important to make sure you have a suitable seating solution. An old or worn out driver’s seat can be replaced with OEM parts that are designed to provide a precise fit in a particular truck make and year model, or with an upgraded, aftermarket seat design.

While it may be possible to cut corners and still reap most of the benefits of some accessories, you should invest in seating to enhance your daily comfort and sustain long-term productivity. If you’re not ready to swap out your seat, consider trying out Freightliner seat covers or comfort-enhancing gel or memory foam cushions. There are upgrade options available at any price point.

Cover Your Windows

Even though fall temperatures are often slightly cooler than summertime highs, the sunlight stays about as bright during the day. Choose a truck window screen or window shades designed to provide a general fit for most models of a certain truck make or invest in a set covers designed to fit a specific make and year model.

Whether you drive a Freightliner, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo or any other truck make, you may be able to order precision-fit quilted vinyl covers filled with water-resistant foam for your year model. Depending on your budget and design preferences, you might also be interested in flexible HeatShield or solid stainless steel window shades.

Protect Your Grille

The amount of road debris is prone to increase during the fall as leaves start to fall and levels of certain types of pollen spike. A bugscreen or all-season grille cover can be useful for maintaining engine efficiency while reducing the frequency with which air filters and similar parts should be changed.

Grille covers are designed to fit particular semi truck makes and it may be necessary to specify the series or year model to get a cover of the right size. These protective accessories are easy to switch out as necessary. Be sure to consider the present driving conditions when selecting grille covers to provide protection and customize the appearance of the front of a rig. It may be possible to get a few more months of use out of a bugscreen during the fall, though ordering a winterfront cover is a good way to plan ahead.

No matter which upgrades you pursue this fall, prioritizing comfort and part longevity will pay off on the short run and the long haul. This is particularly the case with semi truck seats for sale, window shades and protective exterior accessories.