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Critical Facts about Causes of Farmers Suicides in India


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Agriculture has always been considered as the primary sector in India since 60% of its population depending on agriculture and allied sectors which means, Agriculture is the pre-dominant sector of the country. Growth in agriculture sector has been the primary focus in all the government schemes and plans and the green revolution has made India as a self sufficient in food grain production. Indian agriculture scenario also has been moving towards technological advancements in recent times. India is being the largest producer and exporter in many agriculture products. By and large There is a overall improvement in Indian agriculture But the fact is that still a larger scale of farmers are not able to receive and experience that development in personal. According to the reports around 30 farmers are committing suicides every day which is really frightful.

To understand this, one must have a deep dive in to the agricultural set up and causes of farmers suicides in India. As agriculture predominantly  depends on nature. Irrigation facilities , quality seeds plays a key role apart from these institutional finance support is one of the key factor in Indian agriculture which is not available on a larger scale is becoming one of the reason for making farmers distressed. Apart from this  farming problems, poverty, personal issues, Illness and few other causes leading farmers to commit suicides.

When it comes to Individual states Maharashtra shows highest incidence of farmer suicides followed by telangana and Karnataka states and number of farmers has been decreasing in India in past 10 years due to reasons like lack of security in agriculture and urbanization. Governments are also trying to curb this number by providing various supports to farming communities through schemes and loan waivers. In spite of many schemes and welfare programs farmers suicides are still a puzzle to solve which shows apart from schemes there is something more to be done to solve this heart-wrenching condition of farmers. Apart from government there are some agriculture ngo in india which are trying to support farmers by various possible ways like training farmers with new cultivation technologies, providing financial assistance to farmers and helping them to market there produce which are giving positive results but still a lot to be done to make India a country free from farmers suicides only possible when governments organizations and NGO’s work with collaboration and address root of the cause to make this dream come true.


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