Upcoming Web Design Trends for 2017 you must know


Technology is growing and developing day by day. As technology develops; so do the needs and demands of the users. With every New Year, new trends come out and rule the internet. Here are a few trends for 2017 that you must be aware of-

1) Big and Bold Typography : Typography attracts the user. The font you choose must be easy to read and should please the eyes of the user. If your typography pleases the user he is most likely to go through your website more thoroughly. As time passes more and more companies are turning to use bigger and bolder typography. Do you consider your company to be the one of those few who is at the top? Your top web design agency must start using big and bold typography if it hasn’t already!

2) Minimalistic web design : Most of the companies nowadays are aiming for a minimalistic web design. When users open your website they’ll come across “cards”. These cards act as a doorway to more information. Multiple cards can be used by your top web design agency to entice users to click on the card. Visuals are used to appeal to the users. People prefer web designs that have minimal content and are self-explanatory.

3) Cinemagraphs : Cinemagraphs are high quality videos or GIFs that keep on running on a loop. They tend to hold a user’s attention as it keeps on running smoothly non stop. You can also use GIFs and other animations to your website but make sure that you don’t overuse them.

4) Illustrations : Illustrations are a great way to add personal touch to your website. A lot of companies are using illustrators to make beautiful and appealing illustrations for their websites. Ensure that the illustrations you decide to use gel with your content.

5) Mixing horizontal and vertical text : Rather than using text in a fixed horizontal or vertical alignment, mix it up! Not only will your text look more interesting and appealing, it will definitely add depth to your page as well. Rather than uploading a lot of images and other media formats to make your website appealing, you can simply play with the text and its typography.

6) Overlapping text and images : Make your text slightly overlap your images. It will not only attract the user more, it will be a different experience for him to browse through your website altogether. You can also try adding some edge to your text such as underlining it or making it bold.

7) Vivid colors and gradients : Kaleidoscopic gradients are the thing in today’s date! It gives a modern and sleek look to your website and makes it fun for the user to browse through. Layers of different colors add style, depth as well as texture to your page. They make your website brighter and more fun to operate.

8) Visualization of data : Data and analytics have become much more important than before. Now, companies are offering their users the chance and opportunity to see the statistics of the company themselves. If you use the right kind of visuals going through statistics can become quite interactive for your users. You can use different types of pie charts and other colorful forms of data depiction.

Hopefully the points mentioned above will help you be at par with your competitors. In today’s date it is very important to stay up to date with technology and the ever changing trends as they are ever changing. If you remain up to date with the latest trends you are more likely to get more hits on your website on a daily basis. So make sure that you stay at par with your competitors!