Know the different types of Vibrant Umbrellas and Choose the Best one


If you think that there are only two types of umbrellas – one that is black in colour and preferred by men, and the others which are in beautiful colours and picked by women, then you are wrong. In fact, there are different kinds of umbrellas in the market worldwide classified as per their usage.

With the advent of new brands and styles, it is now easy to find a strong, reasonably priced and attractive outdoor umbrella. Let us enlighten ourselves with the different types of umbrellas.

Full-sized umbrellas

Such kinds of umbrellas are mostly used by our grandparents or great-grandparents. These are having a stick or a cane at its opening. Nowadays, these umbrellas have been adjusted according to the needs of aged people. Hence, they are designed in such a way that it can also be used as a supporting stick when folded.

Rain umbrellas:

These are the most widely used umbrellas around the world. These are kind of rainproof covers that protect a person from rain. We have a great variety in these umbrellas. For instance, the windproof umbrella protects you from the heavy downpour and also from gusty winds. In countries where it rains frequently, these umbrellas are a compulsory requirement.

These umbrellas are available in different colours, patterns and designs. One of the sub-type of these umbrellas is the compact umbrellas. As the name suggests, these can be folded into a compact manner and can be kept anywhere in the bag. These are becoming popular due to their portability and durability.

Designed rain umbrellas are a type of rain umbrellas that are quite expensive but look attractive. People who use umbrellas not just for protecting themselves as a beautiful accessory go for these umbrellas.

Sun umbrellas

Sun umbrellas are used for protecting against harmful sun rays and heat. If you are very concerned about your face, exposed body parts and hair, then these are must while be stepping out in the sun. Though people use rain umbrellas as sun umbrellas most of the time, the umbrella industry is coming up with special sun umbrellas with soft, cooling fabrics.

Patio umbrellas

You must have been to outdoor seating places or hotels where they have outdoor seating arrangements. Patio umbrellas are used primarily in such places to provide shade to the visitors. They have very large canopies and also protect people from the rain.

Beach umbrellas

Well, you don’t go to the beach for protecting against the sun and rain, right? In fact, people prefer beaches to get that awesome tan on their skin. However, too much exposure to sun rays can cause excessive skin burn and other problems. For this, beach umbrellas are the best options as they minimize the penetration of harsh sun rays. These umbrellas have requisite anchors so that they can be fixed to a chair or in the sand.

Thus, as you have acquired knowledge about various types of umbrellas, you can choose the most appropriate one as per the requirement and personal likes. You can even identify the purpose for which a certain umbrella is used.