Understanding Pros and Cons of HGH


If you are a sports athlete or fitness trainer, then you might have heard about Human growth hormones also known as HGH. They are hormones which are naturally formed in human body. Usually, in sports they are used as a cheat tool like steroids. They boost the immunity, strength and create body fit enough for any sport activity. Many people these days even opt for these to look youthful. However, even HGH comes along with set of pros and cons. Human Growth Hormones are produced by pituitary glands. They are responsible for spurring physical appearance in children and adolescents. It helps to control body structure, fluids, muscle, bone strength and metabolism. However, in some cases due to birth defect or damage to pituitary gland, synthetic growth hormones or natural releasers are prescribed by physicians. They are also used by amateur athletes and sports people in order to alter their weight and physical appearance.Photo 9

What are growth hormones?

There are few brands available in market which can be purchased without prescription. For example, GenF 20 Plus, HGH –X2, Somatropinne are available online. The hormones are produced in adequate quantity in pituitary gland. The hypothalamus gland instructs the pituitary gland to release a neuro-hormone which is called as growth hormone. One can use injection or releasers to aid pituitary gland in order to secrete more growth hormones. On one hand, growth hormones can be taken as injections or with saline. They are used to replace, the reduced levels of growth hormones in the body. On the contrary, the releasers are not used to replace growth hormones. The natural releasers contain natural ingredients and act to support the glands to release more hormones.

Amino acids are required to perform protein synthesis and increase metabolism of the body. The HGH releasers contain around 12 different types of amino acids in them. They contain different types of vitamins and herbal ingredients too.

Benefits and Side-Effects:

They are used by athletes too, in order to reduce the recovery time between workouts. Since, they provide amino acids for protein synthesis, can be used to increase lean muscle mass. It increases rate of metabolism, thus giving a leaner frame. The results are usually positive, but these may vary depending on the gender, age, weight and medical conditions.  The synthetic growth hormones can be used by older people too, since it makes the bones stronger, thereby reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It also increases muscle mass, by improving stability and mobility.

If used for medical reasons, they are found to be safe, but when used for non-medical or exogenous purpose, they might certain risks. Since, the user is altering the natural process of the human body it might cause some side-effects. Few side-effects may be joint pains, breast tissue enlargement in men, swelling and pains in ankles and feet, hormonal disturbance, syndromes called “carpel tunnel” and “hyperlipidemia”. Although, it has been approved by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), their risks still prevail. Hence, one should be cautious about its intake and should be taken under physician supervision only.