Understanding Blue Topaz And Its Features

Blue Topaz And Its Features
Blue Topaz And Its Features

Blue topaz stone is the birthstone for the December born. Topaz is the greek word that has the Sanskrit meaning of ‘Fire’. It symbolizes the love and affection so often it is gifted on 4th and 19th marriage anniversary for the prosperous and successful family life. It is directly related to the love and affection. Blue topaz is the most valuable and popular among all the topaz. Its color varies from pale blue, deep blue, dark and saturated blue.

Nowadays blue topaz has been trendy and famous because it is the most beautiful topaz, inexpensive and fancy to wear.It can be used in a bracelets, necklace, pendants and rings.

In ancient time, before 1970 Blue topaz was only found naturally and war very rare. Only wealthy people use to wear blue topaz because it was expensive due to its rarity. But nowadays, the blue topaz is the product of gem treatment and is found everywhere, so it is less expensive. Unfortunately there is no method that distinguishes the natural topaz with the treated one.

Production of treated Blue Topaz:

After a successful experiment on producing the blue topaz from colorless topaz, the blue topaz has been abundantly found. The phenomenon of producing blue topaz is simply treatment with heat after the high energy electron and gamma radiation. Heat is the major procedure. The temperature in which the colorless topaz is heated determines the color of the topaz. Change in wavelength of the light inside the crystal causes the human eye visible change in the color of topaz. In this way a wide range of the color of topaz is produced.

Safety of treated Blue topaz:

As, during the production of the blue topaz, it undergoes the gamma radiation treatment so, is it safe to wear the gamma radiation treated crystal?

Each and every company that produces the blue topaz by the radiation treatment must be licensed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). NRC observes the radiated topaz for several days. The company must store all the radiated topaz in a store where NRC studies the nature and only after it is marked safe to use; it is transported into market for jewelry use. Basically it is purely safe to use the radiated blue topaz.

“Gold” is the best metal to wear in the blue topaz for the maximum benefit of it.

How do Blue Topaz benefits the wearer:

Blue topaz has many positive effects on the wearer, if worn in right manner.The astrological benefits of the Blue topaz are enlisted below:

  1. Blue is the color for calmness, hence it calms the mind and physic of the wearer.
  2. Blue topaz has the direct connection with the throat, so when worn in a necklace has the maximum benefit for the health of throat and respiration. The blue topaz also improves the eye sight.
  3. For the businessman and managers it creates the environment and opportunities aiding in the prosperity in respective profession.
  4. Blue topaz brings the inner peace, and spiritual calmness. It also contributes in the anger management by controlling the mind.
  5. People with thyroid problems can be healed by the use of blue topaz.
  6. While traveling, keeping the blue topaz around your body helps in protection, adjustment of body in new places and shields from the heath degradation.
  7. It has a unique vibration that connects the body with soul and helps in self-enlightenment.
  8. For the creative person involved in the creative field like, writing, direction, poet, story developer has the best benefit from the blue topaz. It refreshes the mind and flow the positive energy all around the body, resulting in the creative thinking.

Care for the Blue Topaz:

The beautiful blue ornamental jewelry should be kept clean and beautiful. It should be given special care and must be cleaned time and again. The heat treatment for the production of blue topaz is permanent so there is no need to worry. As it is hard, so it can be cleaned with the warm soap and water. Only thing to keep the blue topaz away is the ultrasonic cleaning and steam usage for cleaning.