Trip India: 7 Reasons To Why You Should Go


India has everything to visit and experience something new. There are no specific reasons to visit because everything in India is unique from others. If you are tripping in India then read here about the Top 7 Reasons to why you should go.

1. The Himalaya

Are you a little adventurer? Do not miss the Himalayas. Imagine its jagged peaks covered in snow glittering, the sunset and sunrise, and tigers of the Bengal which wander around.

Its mountains are immense and extended and the level of difficulty will adapt to your abilities. Take photos of far, walk at the foot of the summits or put yourself to the test during a difficult ascent up to Jammu or up in Kashmir. The flowery valleys Badrinath, the waters and the Tibetan influence of Ladakh await you.

2. Historical Forts

Of course, the small houses have the charm, but they are quickly outdated by the options that propose the life in a fort. With a history that dates back to the 12th century, Jaisalmer is a fortified city where live more than 3000 people. The winding alleys, temples, the stalls and shops are a maze which deserves to be explored. Enter by GOPA Chawk and blast your way up to the center.

3. Diwali

Diwali, Its other nicknamed Dipawali is the largest annual celebration in India – and it is not to say little. Occurring in October or November, It is the celebration of the well that triumphs over evil, and it is for this reason that it is also called the “Festival of Lights”.

Mud lamps aligned in front of the houses, garlands of twinkling lights, fireworks and lights of joy which crackle transform and illuminate the country during five days. The festivities will vary according to the regions, but wherever you are, the festival beats it’s full, in particular in Rajasthan.

4. Goa Carnival

You can stop in Goa in February to dance, eat and do the feast. Legacy of its occupation Portuguese, the Carnival takes place in the state of Goa and celebrates the days preceding the Lent.

During the 4 days and 3 nights in Goa, the feast is in full swing at the rhythm of the music, confetti, battles of tomatoes and disguises. It is the King Momo who oversees the festivities and which encourages especially the participants to make the Feast without ever stopping.

5. The Ancient Temples

Discover the Temple of Virupaksha to Hampi, Karnataka sacred place since the 7th century, the Virupaksha Temple of Hampi, located at 6h of Road Bangalore, testifies to the prestigious past of the former capital of the Kingdom of the Vijayanagar.

This temple, located on the shores of the Tungabhadra, is dominated by a gigantic gopuram to nine floors. Despite the ravages of time and destruction successive, the site of Hampi today is still deemed and regularly put to the honor, as during the annual parade of tanks which takes place in February.

6. The Yoga

If you love the yoga or if you just want to learn more about the meditation, the heart of India is the ideal place. Arising from the Hinduism, Yoga is a traditional way to enter in contact with its “me” interior, while contorsionnant your “Me” outside.

The lovers should go to the famous yoga center in South India or North India destination like Kerala, Mysore, Rishikesh there are many Institute of yoga and meditation. Regardless of the place where you go, you will encounter people who offer a different point of view and a personalized way to address this ancestral practice.

7. The Wine of the Maharashtra

It is the only one thing that India could not do? Located beyond Western Ghats, a few hours of Mumbai, Nashik, in the region Maharashtra, is a high place of the viticulture Indian. There you will find of the Cabernet Sauvignon, of the Sauvignon, of the Chining and varieties of Shiraz which ferment quietly in the peaceful campaigns, far from the bustling capital.