Travel like a King Aboard the Palace on Wheels


The most enchanting train of the country the Palace on Wheels is one train which people should travel at least once in a lifetime. This trains cover the attractions of the Rajasthan and helps one to watch the charm very closely. Boarding the train makes people enjoy the imperial lifestyle and this journey stands as an exceptional experience of travelling. Exploring the princely state is always fun and when people travel in this train, it becomes a wonderful experience due to the endless highlights of the train.

Plan a vacation by booking tickets of the Palace on Wheels and the train is loaded with various amenities that comforts every traveler. Starting from the room services till the food, beverages served and the coaches everything on the train is opulent and comforts the travelers throughout the journey.

Board the train

One boarding the train must get prepared for the royal reception and the guest cabins are calm and is entirely unique. The train assists people who need medical aid and even have a mail box along with all the basic needs. One can enjoy shopping the traditional Rajasthani stuff as per the need and the staff even offer a catalogue to order the goods as per the choice. Not just as a train, but the Palace on Wheels stands completely unique in every aspect and treating the travelers no less to a king is the basic motto of the staff.

The ambience

The ambience of the train is no less to any palace and travelers can easily gain a warm royal treatment as soon as boarding the train. The coaches are filled with handicrafts and interior, which are designed in traditional Rajasthani style and people can feel extremely secured. All the coaches are guarded heavily and travelers can rest in rooms which reflect the royal lifestyle.

Place to relax

The coaches are finely furnished and decorated in an exceptional manner. The coupes are finely embellished and one can sleep in the beds that are much soft and cozy. Also, the coupes have double beds and one can get an extra bed for kids along with places to store the personal stuff. The attached bath comforts all the travelers and one can get hot/ cold water as per the need.

Cabins of POW

Dining experience

The two dining halls are extremely unique and are k own as Maharaja and Maharani restaurants, which fascinate the travelers. The dining halls serve mouthwatering delicacies of Rajasthani cuisine which include the best dishes. Along with this one can even enjoy the Continental, India and Chinese cuisines which satisfy the taste buds during the lavish holiday. The finely decorated halls amaze every traveler and one can happily see the tradition and heritage of Rajput’sat every instance in the train.

Rajasthani Cuisine 1

Exotic destinations

The luxury trains of India has 23 coaches welcomes travelers to spend a fascinating holiday exploring the exotic destinations around Rajasthan. One can visit the vibrant destinations of Rajasthan including Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur along with many other regions that are loaded with fascinating wonders. The photo shoot stands as an extra asset of the train journey and one can capture the wonderful moments that remind the fabulous experience of the train journey.

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The train route touches all beautiful cities of Rajasthan and allow people to earn a warm experience of the holiday. The itinerary lasts for a week of time where people can enjoy the royal reception of 8 days and 7 nights turning the vacation in to a memorable one. People who board the train get an arrival kit along with an attended who serves in the best way and fulfill all the travel needs. Each guest gets a chance to enjoy the lip smacking delicacies as a part of the meal and bag amazing memories. So plan a vacation properly and get your reservation done on the train before hand and enjoy a royal reception exploring the desert state in the princely train.