Training: Key To Motivate And Retain Employees


Employee training is often the last thing that the employer focuses on. The same happens because employers mainly focus on procuring the business. The more the employees hustle, the better it is considered by the employers. They more or less believe that only hard work can increase revenue, they forget that technology and other up-gradations in the business world are quite common.

By not training the employees, they end up giving an opportunity to their competition to get ahead of them. On the other hand, when employees are trained properly to excel in their job profile, their work turns out to be more beneficial for the business. Not just that, learning new things to excel in what your employees do motivates them and helps you in retaining them as well.

The Secret Sauce
There are various factors that affect the happiness quotient of the employees due to training. If you will keep those factors in mind, your training program will be successful.

  • Allow employees to get the training they want, and not in the direction as assigned by the company.
  • Make sure your company supports learning and not just knowledge.
  • Identify the primary factor for keeping the employee engaged in the learning culture.

Training Options
Training isn’t always equivalent to attending seminars and classes. There are internal training options as well. You can pick up the ideas from the employees who want employee training and development. Remember, using  an HR software alone cannot ensure successful completion of the training.

Job Content and Responsibilities
You can have an impact on the training and development using the responsibilities in the current job of the employees. You can expand the job profile by assessing employees calibre and potential. This will make employees take a step ahead and stretch his skills even more. Include them in company briefings, specific email lists. Give them the opportunity to participate in goal setting and measurements. Let them head some projects so that the leadership skills can develop even more. They can also take help of the HR software for managing and assigning work.

Internal training
There is no better way to train employees. Internal training helps the employees in learning while not even leaving the office. Let the employees attend training sessions, the session can be offered by a coworker in whatever he is best at. What better than sharing the best each employee knows with his colleagues. The session can also be taken by a trainer from outside. Make sure that training sessions run smoothly from start to finish. This will help in absorbing the things told in the training and implementing them while at work.

External training
To help the employees gain new skills and hone the existing ones, external training is another great option. You can even pay for the membership with external professional associations. Sponsor the employee expenses to attend the conference, seminar, or training event. You can always ask the employees to suggest you online courses that they want to do, you can sponsor them as well.

Pick any of the training options to train the employees and keep them motivated and loyal towards your organization. Thereafter, use performance management software to gauge the progress.