How Does Instagram Rank your Stories Viewers?


Instagram needs no introduction and Instagram story is also not new in the world of the path social. On Instagram, you can stalk who has viewed your story. But do you know how does Instagram rank your stories viewers and how it counts story views? Today, we will discuss it including Instagram-stalking theory and three signal theory. Read along!

How does Instagram rank the story viewers?

However, Instagram has a lot of puzzles such as how you can get verification tick, how you can view the story of others without them knowing but the real mystery is that how Instagram rank the story viewer’ list. Here we will discuss how Instagram do it and what viewer’ list order exactly means.

The Theory of Instagram-Stalking

There are a number of opinions about the Instagram-stalking on the web. A Redditor did an experiment and the result suggests that the top viewers of the story viewer’ list are those who visit your Instagram profile more often.

Regardless of the fact that these accounts are engaged with your posts (likes and comments). Only one thing means a lot and that is frequent profile view- means when a person visits your profile on regular basis then he/she will appear on the top of the Instagram story’ viewer’ list.

The Three Signals Theory

This is a very famous theory which is called three signals theory. According to this theory, there are two factors that rank the Instagram story viewer’ list i.e. story timing, your relationship with your followers and the feedback of your fans on your story.

The order of Instagram story is related to the news feed and based on the topic that you share more often. There are some possible signs of this order i.e. the type of content that entices the audience of your real Instagram followers, the timing of the story and how strong your bonding is with your follower. So, the top ten story viewer is seemingly those users who stalk your account more often regardless of whether they are engaged with your content or not.

Instagram views: How Instagram counts story views?

As you know Instagram stories are influenced by the Snapchat stories but they are most watched stories than any other social media stories. So a lot of casual users and marketers use these platforms to promote their brands or businesses. The story views show how much this story is popular and have seen by a number of people.

But how Instagram counts the story views? The story can’t be played automatically, it is user initiated. While on the other hand, video can be played automatically when you scroll down the news feed. When someone clicks on your story and watches it for three seconds or more than three seconds then Instagram counts it a view.

But when a user views a story multiple times then the view will be counted as one because Instagram doesn’t count the loop video. Even a creator can also view the story for 3 seconds and get one Instagram view.