Top most Independence Movies Of Europe


Around 73% of Europeans aged 12 has declared that they are active consumers of TV shows and movies for home viewing. Over the past few years, there has been an important evolution in the way that TV and movie content is applied. Today’s viewers have more control over how and what content they watch, and their outlook and behaviors toward TV and movies have shifted over time. So there are few best independent movies of europe that might be missed by them. Such movies provide a motivational spirit inside the viewer and lead them to become responsible along with energetic to do something in life.

Toni Erdmann (Maren Ade)  Germany, Austria Toni Erdmann”  German director Maren Ade directed his third film. The film had a great success both commercially and critically and is one of the most funny and heartwarming movies in recent years. The land of “Toni Erdmann“ may look to someone like déjà vu, as we’ve seen many films with similar land in the past; a father who likes to play empirical jokes, a very platonic person in their nature going to visit his loveable daughter, and during that visit, he tries to break the distance created during the years of emotional evacuation in and around her. The main masterpiece of this film are its characters and their actions, who furnishes very good acting, and a true enthusiasm that emits from the film, and gives the humor another direction rarely seen in films of this kind.

I,Daniel Blake (Ken Loach) – UK, France: With “I, Daniel Blake”, we have another condition of a big and authorized director (Ken Loach) returning back and making another very amazing film. Returning to a theme that’s very regular in his filmography is the clash between the homeless, the unemployed, and the government. He again proved himself in making a good film with a very slippery theme. He did so because this film and this story similar to his films and stories before, are told without highfalutin messages and parables in mind. It furnished in telling its story and making a point about the traps and variation that marginalized groups in today’s UK are going through.

Otvorena (Open Wound, directed by Momir Milošević) – Serbia: In the last decennary, Serbian cinema saw the emergence of some very talented young directors, of which we can and must calculated on in the future. “Open Wound” holds its positive tone very well throughout, without shaking from the main path. It is surely one of the more interesting European films with its director as a encouraging name for the future. It is one of those films that doesn’t look very encouraging at first sight.

The best independent movies has a simple and effective formation on an individual’s life and is very based on acting creations. The reconstruction of 1960s-1980s, where the story took place in reality, is carefully done. The main focus is on the relationship between the individual person of the nation and the movie maker how does he motivate you.