4 Smart Ways to Make Your Home Energy Efficient


People often believe that energy conservation helps only to safeguard the environment. Well, that’s not entirely correct. There are numerous benefits of renewable energy to individuals as well.

The first and foremost benefit of using renewable energy is its cost efficiency. It saves the lifetime electricity cost of your house. People these days have started knowing the benefits of using the renewable energy, but the utilization of the same is still not comfortable and convenient.

However, the leading real estate professionals do provide with the energy efficient housing and premises that not only help in sustainability but also gives you long-run benefits.

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Here are some of the ways that can make your home energy efficient by using renewable energy resources the most.

Solar Rooftop Panel:

Most of you would be aware of the solar roof panels. It is the most convenient method of taking the maximum advantage of the renewable energy. The solar panels can be easily installed on your roofs and yards.

The solar panels generate 10 or more watts per square foot depending on the latitude and orientation of the panel. A few square feet of panels can easily serve your needs as a house requires at least one kilowatt of power ordinarily.

Furthermore, people who are planning to replace their old shingles, opting for solar shingles is indeed an excellent idea. The standard solar panels are placed on the top of your roof whereas, in the case of the solar shingles, your roof itself becomes your solar panels.

The initial investment on the solar rooftop is surely a capital expenditure. Nevertheless, its worth the cost as it relieves you for the lifetime of solar panels from paying electricity bills.

Wind Turbines:

You must have seen the wind turbines at floating offshore or wind-farms. Though the wind turbines cannot be installed at every residential place, it is indeed appropriate if you have enough real estate.

Installation of a small wind turbine shall suffice your household electricity requirements.

However, the followings are few drawbacks to the wind turbine that makes it less accessible for the residential purpose.

  • It makes a lot of noise
  • It doesn’t give pleasant appearance to your house
  • It takes a lot of space
  • The local laws and regulations can forbid them

In case these drawbacks do not bother you, you can surely take the biggest advantage of the same which is its stability and power generation capacity. It is certainly the most appropriate renewable energy instrument for the heavy wind flow areas.

Solar Water Heater:

Unlike the solar panels, the installation of the solar water heater is quite easier. It uses the sun rays to heat the reserved water. This water is further pumped through radiators or shower-heads.

The installation of the solar water heater is comparatively less expensive than the solar rooftop panel. Moreover, it is much cheaper than the other energy resources like electricity or gas.

Hydro Power:

Although hydropower is not as useful as the other renewable energy devices as it requires the flowing water, it shall certainly give benefits to you if your premises have running water. You can divert some or all of the stream water to flow through the turbine that generates the energy.

The biggest advantage of hydro power is that it gives consistent power unlike the wind turbine and solar panel.

There are a couple of more devices such as solar air conditioner and Solar oven that can serve you with great benefits of renewable energy at affordable prices.

The ball is in your court, consider the best possible option for you and experience the benefits of renewable energy for a lifetime.