Top 10 Ways You Can Increase Revenue Using Social Media Marketing in 2020


Social media is one of the most robust sales strategies in the modern business environment. It explains why most social media marketing services in India use it as a top digital marketing strategy. Social media can help in direct sales and revenues, promotion, advertising, and branding. 

Using social media sites like YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for brand purposes is called social media marketing. You can use these channels for various marketing activities like sales, information, engagement, awareness, and promotion. You can check out facebook interests list to plan your marketing strategy.

Social media has more than three billion active users. Therefore, you cannot overlook the infinite powers that these platforms hold. However, there are so many things that will determine your success on social media. 

Several brands are competing for the same target audience on social media. Therefore, you need to be authentic, original, and innovative when using social media. The content that you create should appeal and attract customers. 

You also need to engage the best forms of content like live sessions and videos for the best engagement and reach. It is worthwhile to use paid promotions strategically. Lastly, employ date and influencers to optimize your social performances. 

Most people like to use social media marketing services in India to implement their marketing strategies for greater success. With this information in mind, here are ten ways to use social media marketing to increase your revenue. 

1. Link Social Media to Your Website 

The best strategy for all brands on social media is redirecting traffic back to their website. It can be your e-commerce website, brand website, or even landing page. You should have a website link for your brand, both your social pages section and individual posts. 

It helps any user who has an interest in buying your products or services to visit your website and make direct purchases. Apart from sales promotion, it will also increase your amount of traffic from the social media platforms to your site. 

2. Explore the Shop Function on Instagram and Facebook

The Facebook shop has been with us for several years, but businesses have not been in a position to exploit its potential fully. Not everyone knows that Facebook has changed the way its shop works. The Facebook shop is now more attractive and engaging. 

Instagram has also included the Product Tag Feature. It helps consumers to visit the Ecommerce page of your brand directly. If you wish to promote direct sales, it is helpful to use the above two options. 

3. Use a Call-to-Action on Social Media all the time

Most people who visit your social media pages are looking for the way forward. Therefore, you should direct your users to the steps you want them to take. It could be purchasing your products or services, sharing the post, tagging others, or even commenting. 

All your posts should have a CTA. You should align it in such a way that your brand attracts customers to take a particular action. 

4. Influencer marketing on Social Platforms

Any brand that wants to optimize direct sales from social platforms should have an influencer strategy. Influencer marketing is among the most effective ways to promote, market, and sell your products on social media.  

Influencer marketers are social media celebrities who have considerable influence and following. Creatively engage and work with them. It will help showcase your product and brand to thousands of their followers. 

5. Creative Contests, Offers, Coupons, and Discounts 

Brands may wish to create a magnet or a hook to inform or attract consumers. When you have an innovative social media strategy in place with inbuilt contests, you will gain a lot of attention from your audiences.

Discounts, offers, and coupons are excellent ways to allow users to engage and interact with their users psychologically. It is also a great way of boosting revenues and sales during the lean seasons of your brand. 

6. Run Ads on Social Media Platforms From Time to Time 

Nearly all social media channels suffer from decreasing organic reach. In such a case, it is prudent to run small budget ad campaigns one or two times a month. 

It can help you boost engagement and sales over extended periods. The most successful businesses run ad campaigns during festive campaigns and the launch of new products. When you put your brand in front of many audiences, you will increase your conversion rates in a big way. 

7. Focus on Live Sessions and Videos 

There is a tendency for brands to forget that sales are the offshoot of impressions and engagement. When you have more engagement and followers, you will get higher chances of promotion. Live sessions and videos are the two content forms that display the highest level of engagement and reach. 

You need to leverage as much of visual content as possible on social media channels. When you boost engagement, you will increase and open new avenues for generating revenue. 

8. Use Data-As-A-Service (DaaS) in Web Scraping 

The market has so many DaaS services and tools that brands are using. The online tools search for appropriate keywords which exhibit purchase intent and scrape social media pages.

If you use data in the right way, you will know what your customers and searching for and looking. You will build content that is most appealing to consumers who are at an advanced stage in making purchase decisions. 

9. Use Amazing Content to Build the Brand on Social

Most of the social media channels are going visual. Therefore, you have to pay close attention to the imagery that you are using on social media. More people will click to the link and proceed to your e-commerce page if you have attractive imagery or video. 

One of the most critical tasks in social media strategy is content creation. Social media marketing services in India that are serious in boosting sales should invest in video creation and photography.

10. Build the Support System for Boosting Consumer Confidence

You can do all the above things but be able to convert your efforts into sales. Such a scenario can result from several factors. In the beginning, the UX and UI of your e-commerce or website may not look great. It can discourage most people from making the final purchase decision. 

Users also raise sales quarries in the comment section. You need a quick response on the same. If you respond within one hour, you will significantly increase the chances of converting the consumers. 


Social media is a powerful and profoundly dynamic medium. Several innovations and changes occur daily. Social media marketing services in India are on top of the game to adapt to all these changes. 

It is not only about engaging with clients, branding, and marketing. You have to expand it into a powerful revenue generation and sales tool. The steps above will help you to optimize and increase your performance.