Tips to Save Money with Fully Managed Accommodation in India


Finding the right accommodation that gives you a host of facilities, matches your lifestyle quality and fits your budget too, can be a real challenge, If you are an urban migrant living in a sharing rooms in Bangalore, a hostel in Delhi or even a shared flat in Mumbai you would know that. Shared living to cut costs on rent, while also have someone to manage the household with, can be a solution for many. But is shared/managed living supposed to be just a compromise?

Not quite! Managed living in India has undergone a sea change. No longer does share space means, living in cramped quarters, having to adjust to strangers or spend time fulfilling household requirements. With professionally managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living, you can move into a safe, hygienic, thoughtfully designed, spacious, and fully functioning space without burning a hole in your pocket.

So how do you fare better with professionally managed living spaces? 

Limited monthly expenses: Firstly, managed living spaces give you the opportunity to keep a cap on your monthly living expenses. Your rent is all-inclusive, which means you don’t need to spend separately for food, laundry, internet, housekeeping, security, etc. You also don’t have to bother about additional utility bills. This is very different from what your expenses can be if you move in an independent flat even if it might have lower upfront rent costs. By the time you are done sourcing everything individually – from furniture to amenities – you will realize that a huge sum has been added to your monthly expenses which wasn’t accounted for.  Next, your rent is also designed in a way that you pay for your private rooms while the charges for shared areas like kitchen, community lounges, entertainment zones, dining spaces, etc. are equally distributed between housemates. Which means, the overall rent per square feet for individuals goes down. That’s why rent of a single room in a commercial area is a lot costlier than the rent of your home space in community living which you will be sharing with roommates. 

No huge Lock-in amounts: If you take a flat, you are bound to pay a huge deposit and are expected to undergo a lock-in period of at least 6 months where you might or might not lose your money. Managed living enforces no such regulations and you are less burdened with a minimal monthly charge and a minimum stay period. It is all about making things economical and simpler for those living in a community.

 Save Money on Social Engagements: Most of us love social interactions and set aside discretionary spending to indulge in social engagements, activities for relaxation, and rejuvenation. If you are living alone, your chances of discretionary spending on going out, eating out, etc. might be a lot. But living in a professionally managed space brings social engagement to your doorstep. Many managed living spaces organize fun events to help you interact with your fellow inhabitants, unwind and relax. They also have partnerships with local brands to get you some nifty deals on things like salon visits, travel tickets, etc, which saves you even more money while allowing you to experience more.

Community Living with managed accommodation operators like Stanza Living can thus be an enriching, yet economical experience.