Is Har ki Doon Trek route easier to travel? Here is what Riding Solo has to say!


Har ki Doon located in Dehradun offers avid trekkers much more to explore during their trek. First-time trekkers choose Har Ki Doon trek due to the reason that it has few ascends and descends, making it easier to trek in the Gharwal region. One of the striking features of the Har ki Doon trek route is its accessibility and comfort to travel both in summers as well as winters. Har ki Doon is a cradle shaped valley, which is located in the Govind Ballabh National Pant Park.

What are the Har Ki Dun trek details you must know?

Eagerness to gather the details of the trek is quite obvious for any trekker. When planning for Har ki Dun trek, it is quite obvious for the trekkers to acquaint themselves with the required details too. Har ki Dun trek details include a 47-km trek distance which is covered in approximately 5 to 6 hours every day. However, this varies according to the wishes of the trekkers. This is because the meadow, orchids spreading their greenery, and rhododendrons along with the dense jungle would make you spend little more time in this peaceful nature experiencing some lovely moments.

Trekkers can fall into different age groups and can vary from children to age-olds who can be grouped for the Har Ki Doon trek route connected with Borau Pass due to better road connection. Apart from the above reason, the other reason is that most mountaineers make Har ki Doon Valley as the base point to travel to the other Himalayan peaks. Har ki Doon trek is located at an altitude of 11,675 feet.

Har Ki Doon Trek Route Details

Har Ki Doon trek route starts from the Sankri village located at 200kms away from Dehradun, yielding approximately 8 to 9 hours of driving to arrive at the Sankri guest house. People can rest there after the long day drive and start their trek the next morning in the early hours from Sankri village. Trekkers need to carry water and packed lunch with them before they head for Pauni Garant, the second destination in the trek route of Har ki Doon. The trek covers thick forests and streams, with a halt at the Taluka village for refreshments. Then starts again to Pauni Garaat traveling through the cemented bridges, wood bridges and the best feature is that all along the way trekkers will be overwhelmed with the rivers flowing beside the trail. Trekkers can meet fields of potato, millet, and maize with the sunset and trek ends at the Pauni Garaat campsite.

On the next day, trekkers on Har Ki Doon trek route travel from Pauni Garaat to Kalkattiyadhaar via Osla, with that day trek ending at Kalkattiyadhaar campsite. Then, the next day the time arrives to reach Har Ki Doon traveling from Kalkattiyadhaar at a trek distance of 10 km. Trekkers can experience wonderful views of snow-capped mountains and much more during their way to Har ki Doon, after which they return to where the Kalkattiyadhaar campsite starts. Then the next day’s trek route is going back to Sankri village from where trekkers reach Dehradun.

Since you have all the details with you, plan for the Har ki Doon trek to enjoy all the awesome moments. Moreover, it is one of the best treks for beginners.