Tips to naturally improve oxygen level in the body

improve oxygen level in the body

Tips to naturally increase oxygen level in the body  

Amid worsening situation of coronavirus pandemic in the country. Following social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitising is mandatory for safety. Similarly one can not ignore the importance of a strong immune system to fight the diseases.  It is important to take special care of your health and immune system. Researches have shown that coronavirus affects lungs and respiratory system. In some cases, conditions can get severe due to low levels of oxygen in the body. Here are some tips to increase oxygen level in the body at home. 

Include foods that are high in antioxidants in your diet 

Antioxidants help the body to use oxygen more efficiently. Some fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, to boost antioxidant intake include carrots, broccoli. Berries, plums, strawberries, raspberries and citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in your diet.  Fatty acids found in soyabean, walnut and flaxseeds are also helpful. 

Eat iron rich food to increase oxygen level in body 

Hemoglobin which is an iron rich protein present in our red blood cells is responsible for carrying oxygen to different parts of the body. That is why iron deficiency can lead to constant fatigue and low oxygen levels in the body. Certain foods like leafy vegetables, spinechss, sea food, fruits such as apples, legumes, and lean proteins such as eggs, poultry, and fish are rich sources of iron. Try to include them in our diet to avoid iron deficiency in the body. 

Exercise is the key to healthy body 

Few minutes of daily exercise and yoga can benefit your health incredibly. Simple walking or little bit of physical activity helps the body to utilise oxygen. The better we are at obtaining and utilizing oxygen, the more energy our cells are able to produce. Apart from physical health, daily exercise can help in removing stress and is considered good for mental health as well. 

Practice breathing exercise to increase oxygen level 

Physical activity alone is not enough for ensuring proper oxygen levels in the body. Apart from physical exercise do practice some breathing exercises to increase the oxygen amount. Slow and deep breathing increases the level of oxygen in our blood. Oxygen is transported to the blood within the body through the respiratory system and that is why it influences your oxygen level if your breathing is not optimal. Some breathing exercises and pranayamas can be helpful. 

Get fresh and natural 

Fresh air will provide you with energy and bring you additional amounts of oxygen to the lungs. Try to get some fresh air in the morning. This will not only increase oxygen level but will help in removing stress as well. If you are in a room try to open widows and let some fresh air get in the room. 

Keep yourself hydrated 

Keeping your body hydrated is important especially during this pandemic situation. Water is the primary component of our body fluids. Drink at least 5-6 glass water in a day. Also you can drink some juices and natural drinks to keep yourself hydrated. This will keep your body temperature regulated and will improve oxygen level in your body. 

Follow the above mentioned tips to improve oxygen level naturally in the body and to stay healthy. Taking care of physical and mental well being of yourself and your loved ones is the need of the hour.