Tips to Buying Art and Displaying It with Panache


Have you ever given it a thought that whenever it comes to revamping the décor of our home, we end up visualizing our living rooms? Maybe it is because we spend most of our quality time with our family in the living room and for that reason; we want to make it comfortable and cozy.  Also, a living room is the place where we host and entertain our guests, and who does not want to make a striking, long lasting impression in front of guests? Considering these points, there is no denial of the fact that we are always scouting for innovative and unique ideas and inspirations to decorate our living rooms and lounge area in style. And when it comes to decorating a living space easily and efficiently, there is no better option than bringing home a piece of Indian contemporary art. Nowadays, with the arrival of online art galleries, it has become all the more convenient to buy painting online.


For ages, art has been associated with rich and elite. This has led to a common perception that art is costly. For this reason, many people think that adorning a home with artworks is exorbitant. We will say, this can be true to a certain extent, but if you are ready to experiment and willing to explore new art selling platforms, then you don’t need to worry. Nowadays, there are overwhelming numbers of online art galleries that offer the wide range of artworks for sale and that too at affordable prices. So, if you are considering to reinventing your living space and buy Indian contemporary art, then you can explore online art selling platforms like Ideas that have dedicated sections for contemporary art by Indian artists and buy painting online.

We believe, regardless of the fact whether you are novice art buyer or an experienced art collector, a little piece of advice on choosing and display contemporary art in the right manner is always welcomed. So, here is our little recommendation for you:

Choosing the right artwork

While planning to buy an artwork, it is advisable that should take your preferences and the existing décor of your home into account. The painting that you are planning to purchase will hang on a wall; therefore, it becomes important that you must consider the existing color scheme of the room and buy a painting that will complete the look of your room. Once you buy a painting and display it, you will look at it day in and day out; therefore, it is advisable to buy a painting that not only catches your fancy but is able to capture your attention for long. You the next time you plan to buy painting online, buy a painting that you really love.

How to display art work

It is often said that buying a painting or a sculpture is only half the battle won. The next big step is how to display it right. While sculptures kept on a table top or on a floor are best suited for corners or at an entryway, paintings tend to become the focal point of a room. Therefore, it is important to ensure while hanging a painting that it should be placed at an eye-level. Also, small things like attention to frames, symmetry, and lighting affect the display of an artwork.

A word of caution: Never buy art in rush. Whenever you want to buy affordable painting online, explore online galleries, look out for artworks that appeal you, choose a painting that you like the most and revisit the site after some time to see whether the artwork that had selected still appeals you. If it does, buy it. If it does not, leave it and start exploring; there are an overwhelming amount of artworks to be explored.