Tips to Select the Right Water Filter for Your Next Camping Adventure


On each outdoor adventure it’s important that you preserve your health. Despite requiring access to a water filter camping adventures are enjoyable, but ensuring that the water you’re consuming is safe is vital. Remember that if animals or humans have access to a water source, it could be contaminated with bacteria that could make you quite unwell.

Water filters will remove bacteria from your water, ensuring that it’s safe for you to consume. The internal cartridge of your water filter will catch microscopic bacteria and will need to be replaced or cleaned regularly. Looking for a filter with activated carbon as an ingredient will effectively remove any unpleasant tastes, which will ensure that your drinking water will be palatable throughout your outdoor adventure.

There are many outdoor activities that require access to a water filter camping being one of the most common. With a wide variety of options available, we’ve put together a list of some of the types of water filters available that could be your ideal camping companion.

Pump Water Filters

Placing the hose into the water source and turning the handle to filter the water into a bottle, pump filters allow you to control the amount of filtered water you want to collect. Physically pumping the water can be time-consuming and can become a little more of a chore as the filter traps more and more impurities. If you know you are going to be surrounded by lots of shallow sources of water, these filters are ideal.

Gravity Water Filters

This is the perfect option if you’re going to be in one place for an extended period of time. All you have to do is hang up the filter in an appropriate location. There’s no pumping required, with gravity doing all the hard work for you, and these filters can handle large amounts of water, which is ideal if you’re camping with a large group of people.

Bottle Water Filters

Personal water bottles with inbuilt filters are easy to carry, and their efficient filtering capabilities ensure that you always have drinkable water with you at all times. These are a lightweight and portable option, but the quantity of water you will be able to carry is limited to the size of the bottle.

Straw Water Filters

Allowing you to drink water straight from the source, straw water filters are the most lightweight option available. Particularly useful in areas with lots of shallow sources of water, these filters are cost-effective and incredibly portable.

Boiling Water

It’s the most well-known method of purifying water. Bringing it to the boil for a minimum of one minute will effectively treat the water. It’ll take a little more time than other filtration methods, and you’ll need to wait for the filtered water to cool down, but you won’t need to take any extra supplies. You just require a careful calculation of the levels of fuel you’ll be using on your trip.