Tips on Saving Cash While Sending Cargo to India from UK


If you are about to send anything from UK to India, these tips can save you quite a lot

UK is quite a favourite foreign country of Indians and there are as many as 2 million Indians residing in the UK. These expatriates love to send gifts and parcels to their families and loved ones in their native country.

According to measurements, the shortest travel distance between the UK and India is 4,767 miles and it takes at least 9 hours to reach India from the UK by air. Therefore, it becomes quite crucial for the Indians to send parcels from UK to India in an inexpensive way.

In order to assist all those Indians, we have compiled the following list comprising some valuable tips so that you can save many bucks while sending cargo to India from the UK.

  • Limit Your Parcel Size

A common criteria that cargo companies use to charge their customers is according to the size of the package. Therefore, keep an eye on the size of your parcel and make sure it does not exceed the recommended size. You can use unique packaging to keep the parcel size in limits so that you do not get overcharged.

  • Watch Out For Parcel’s Weight

It is quite evident that the weight of the parcel plays an important role in the shipment cost. It is always a sane decision to keep the weight of the parcel low so that it does not increase the digits in the weight machine. Many lightweight packaging materials are available in the market such as cardboard, plastic and metallic box.

  • Door To Door Service

In this modern age where it is very difficult to find time for trivial activities, the door to door services by the Cargo Companies is not less than a blessing. Along with saving your precious time, door to door service also saves you the fuel cost which you would otherwise spend on bringing your package to the courier office.

  • Booking in Advance

There is no denying the fact that timely decisions can save you a lot of bucks. For example, if you have to send a parcel before a specific date, send it a few days earlier rather than shipping it on urgent delivery. The urgent cargo service can cost up to double the amount than a normal delivery.

  • Packing Material

Packing material is something that is completely in your hands. The parcel is going to be delivered anyways whether wrapped in a super expensive packing or a decent priced packing. Make sure you pack right and save yourself money in return.

  • Cost-effective Courier Service to India

Many people tend to use popular cargo carriers such as DHL, FedEx and Speed etc., owing their popularity. But these brands charge a lot under the guise of their popularity. Therefore, search for smaller but reputable cargo service provides which charge half of what the other brands do and deliver the parcels in the same time frame.

  • Research and Compare Carrier Prices

Earning money is not a child’s play. Therefore, spending it wisely should be the only option you have got in this case. Before sending your parcel to India, research about different cargo shippers and compare the prices they charge. It may take a bit of your time, however it is worth it. You can end up saving many valuable pounds this way.

  • Send in Bulk

Cargo companies keep rolling out different discount offers to keep their business running well. And they usually offer discounted rates on sending more items than usual. Therefore, it is suggested not to send parcels one by one, rather send them in bulk. It will charge you a single delivery rate flavoured with discount.  So instead of sending two separate small parcels at different times try to send one delivery.