Things You Should Never Do During Train Journeys!


Taking a journey by train can be both pleasurable and disastrous.This is not just about train traveling but about every other thing. If you are careful about all the aspects, you can have a treasured time otherwise; things can be as gruesome as you can think. However, you need not to worry. Below are some points that will give you an idea about how to travel ideally in train. Of course, there is no doubt that Train journeys are happening and entertaining but still precautions are always worth taking.

Never leave your luggage unattended

No matter how much trust you have built on a fellow passenger, you must never leave your luggage unattended.If you are going to washroom, just make sure that your suitcase is locked properly. Moreover, make sure that you are going to a washroom when the train is running. Many people go to a toilet when the train halts on stations. It is always unadvisable to go for it during this period. It is because many new faces, venders and other cooliesenter your train compartment.

Don’t munch randomly

No matter how hungry you are, you should never go for random items. Of course, there are many good venders that enter your train compartment but many are not reliable. At the same time, it is not that you stay hungry throughout your journey. What really you can do is, go for Online Food Order in Train. This way, you can order fresh food of your taste and type and it will get delivered to you at the upcoming station. What can be more fulfilling than this? After all, when you get food through an order, you get fresh and hygienic stuff. The meals are properly sealed and there is no scope of germs.

Sharing can be dangerous

It is true that sharing solves many problems and find out solutions for many issues but it is equally true thatsharing in trains can lead to disastrous outcomes. Many people are of the tendency to share their personal things and family issues with people traveling with them. If you are one of them then you have to be careful.You cannot trust anyone with your personal credentials. Sometimes, unintentionally you end up with talks that were not to be revealed. Who knows the person listening to your talk is noting down everything minutely to use it as a weapon? After all, in this globalised world, nothing is difficult. They can use your information in a way that might end up you in suffering. Especially, you must not tell people about your whereabouts and family members.

Avoid Personal Phone Calls

Similarly, at times, when you call a relative, friend or dear one during your journey, you actually tell about your personal things and life to all other people on your birth or in your compartment. If you are in a habit of calling people and talking for long during train journeys; then you have to watch out this move. It can leak so much about your life and make your family or friends vulnerable.


So, make your train journeys safe, comfortable and secure by keeping these discussed points in mind.