Things to Know Before Becoming an Uber Driver


As an Uber driver, you’ll be an independent contractor which has many amazing benefits. So whether you’re looking to only be an Uber driver in your spare time to make extra money or you want to devote a full-time effort to driving, being an Uber driver can prove to be a lucrative and convenient career opportunity.  Here’s a list of things you should consider before deciding to become an Uber driver.

  1. You can set your own schedule

While many would consider this to be one of the major advantages of becoming an Uber driver is important to make sure that you have the discipline to regulate your own schedule.  Since you also choose where you go and who you pick up, it always bests to keep detailed records of what places and what times yield the best results. While you definitely shouldn’t avoid surge zones like Club and bar closings, it’s best not to make these pick-up time the primary time that you work.

  1. Your rating will have a significant effect on how much business you receive.

In addition to promoting your excellent customer service to potential clients, your rating actually can determine if you are able to maintain your ability to work for Uber. Drivers are expected to maintain a 4.6 rating or higher.

  1. It’s important to keep detailed records of the wear and tear on your car.

 When you consider gas and other expenses, there are certain rides where you will just about break even however, since wear and tear to your car can be deducted from your taxes it’s important to keep a detailed journal of all of your expenses.

  1. Recruitment bonuses are a great way to earn extra income as an Uber driver.

When you get an individual or company to sign up for Uber account and use Uber services regularly, you can earn a recruitment bonus.

Uber is a great way to make some cash either full-time or on the side. If you have further questions about what it’s like to work for Uber, simply stop by.