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Salient Features of Advanced Platinum Series DS400 600w 11-Band


Advanced Platinum Series DS400 600w 11-Band is a reliable and durable LED grow light. Here we will see it in detail.

Salient Features

• It comes with switches which are custom made for growth in the bloom phase.

• It enhances the light and comes with a lens reflex which helps in the provision of the ultralight dedicated to growing plants.

• It gives complete coverage for the plants on a large area of 4 feet by 6 feet grows up to 18 feet of the maximum height.

• It switches to grow the vegetables and the flowers.

• It has a cooling fan on the heatsink at a swift pace.

• It offers cooling radiator aluminum heat dissipation faster.

• LED light bulbs make light that falls with its spectrum in 11 different bands beginning form UV and go all the way to red infrastructure. Light spectrum balancing allows even plant growth and flowering period of time significantly.

• The casing containing the LEDs are made from iron.


• Development of the light consumes only 184 watts and 368 watts for the development of flowering period and it is less than the energy consumed by other rival models by 50%.

• Due to the low expenditure of power, its life expectancy expands to 50,000 hours.

• LEDs are used as a part of the light to the position adopted to distribute light at the wider angles when the body is made of iron, and the outer side does not corrode when exposed to the extreme weather conditions.

• The manufacturer offers the return guarantee for the period of 90 days which means that if you are not pleased with its performance of light, you can get a refund.

• It emits light spectrum which is perfect for the purpose of dual growth i.e. trees as well as the flowers.

What is included in the complete package?

There are a few different components that can go as part of the complete set and they consist of the following items;

• Light Reflector

• Wires

• Steel hanging kit

Wires come as part of the package and will be specific to the country from where you ordered. Once you have taken the decision to buy this product, you can easily find it at Amazon, the biggest and the most reliable online retail shop. All you have to do it add in the Amazon cart and you are good to go. There is no doubt that it is one of the best growing lights.