Things to Know About Cremation Service

Cremation Service

Cremation Service Find the best cremation service in brampton to make sure that you receive the right service that you are looking for your friend or family member. It is important to do these last things properly.

The prices of this service are slightly higher than those for a standard funeral, which to a certain extent is due to the lower popularity.

Features of cremation

The cremation process requires the preparation and completion of a whole bunch of documents that are provided in the original to the funeral agency that takes care of the funeral arrangements.

The family status of the deceased must be documented as well as a certificate of heirs issued by the mayor of the region.

Only the loved ones can and do have the right to dispose of the body of the deceased and decide whether to cremate him or not. Documented this is complicated because once done, the cremation is final and there is no going back.

Where the ashes are placed

The ashes of the deceased are placed in an urn, as is traditionally the case in countries where it is a common practice, such as Sweden and Japan. A plaque with the name of the cremated person is also added to the urn.

After all this is done, the urn is placed in the grave. The ceremony does not, as a rule, differ from the one in which the body of the deceased is buried in the standard manner.

The rules for using the grave are the same as for a standard funeral.

It is important to note that if a person is buried in a grave that is not family property, the written consent of all heirs is required.

Where the cremations take place

Cremations take place in a crematorium, which is a specialized place for such things. It is extremely modern equipped and working to all standards.

What remains after cremation

Once the cremation procedure is complete, up to about 4 pounds of ashes are left. It is placed in an urn, which is buried ritually, unlike the ceremony at classical funerals.

The ceremony itself may be more wasteful, but it may also be more modest. It all depends on the financial capacity of the deceased and his or her loved ones.

Additional requirements

One of the requirements, which at first sight seems a little strange, is that it requires the dead to be dressed only in cotton clothes, and to have only cotton blankets in the casket.

No metal or plastic objects are allowed. This is done from an environmental point of view, since the melting of plastic objects and artificial flowers can cause serious air pollution.

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