How To Write A Perfect Tagline


An advertising slogan or motto is the basis of brand promotion. Recognizable, completely “stuck in the brain” phrase, pursuing the target audience from vumoo screens, media pages, advertising banners and literally from every iron – these are the slogans that make the advertising object recognizable. And the best of them even become the very “engine of trade”, which forces the consumer to make an unconscious choice in favor of a particular brand. What is the trick here? In the right choice of slogan for advertising.

The work of creating elements of an advertising campaign is a long and painstaking process, during which sometimes the most incredible ideas are put forward. The role of the slogan in the general stream of measures aimed at promoting the object of advertising is extremely important, because it is he who is called to express the essence of the campaign, to concentrate in itself what the brand/product will be associated with consumers.

What is the advertising slogan for?

The advertising slogan is designed to create a recognizable image, which is especially important if various methods of promotion are used during the advertising campaign.

For example, a slogan sounding on the radio, from a television screen or flickering on advertising stickers in the metro will create a recognition effect even for a product that is only trying to conquer the market. Namely, the recognition factor, according to the expert community, has a significant impact on the final choice of the consumer.

Signs of a good slogan

There are criteria for evaluating the quality of slogans, “working” applies to any direction of advertising:

Thematic compliance with the chosen advertising strategy (shocking, mysterious, intriguing or addressed to a specific audience, as is the case with children’s goods or razors)

Brevity is the sister of talent (in the case of slogans, it works 100% – any thought can be expressed in four words or a couple of rhymed lines)

Originality (lack of stable phrases, battered phrases, all kinds of cliches and platitudes)

Availability of mention of the name of the brand/object of advertising

Brand tagline

Corporate slogans are often distinguished into a separate category, dividing them into:

Philosophical, reflecting the goals, ideals, and principles of the company.

Thematic: – based on the aspects of the company.

Accented: – reporting on the professionalism, reliability of the company, the exclusive quality of its products.

Giving authority. Most often, such slogans coincide with the anniversary of the company and tell about the Pubg pc terms of its work.

Confidence: – including words and phrases about the proximity with the consumer (we, about you, for you), or used “on behalf of” the consumer audience.

Emotional: – including the direct expression of emotions, including expressed in the use of appropriate punctuation marks.

Here are some examples of successful slogans:

  • “We measure the hundredths of a second that separate the winner from the participant.”
  • OMEGA, hours. The advertising slogan of the official timekeeper of the Sochi Olympics, 2018
  • “Excess paper is out of the game.”
  • UNICREDIT, Bank. The slogan promoting the feature “cash loan and credit card for one set of documents”, 2019
  • “Learn to read road signs.”
  • BMW X5 M50d, car. The tagline for the Russian Federation, 2014
  • “We even have something that is not there yet.”
  • Gorbushkin Yard, techno all. The slogan of Gorbushkin Door, 2014
  • “Next to the house. Close to my heart. ”
  • ATAK, the supermarket chain. Image motto, 2014
  • “Successful people are not looking for the road, they are paving it.”
  • AUDI Quattro, cars. The slogan in Russia, 2013
  • “Your business needs Twinkle.
  • 1,800,000 people will see what you need! ”
  • LIGHT, Kommersant Publishing House magazine. Slogans within Russia, 2019

How to create an advertising slogan

There are several rules to avoid mistakes when creating advertising slogans.


The slogan should be easy to remember, literally “settle” in the memory of the consumer. Acting unconventionally, you can achieve the desired reaction and surprise consumers, even if the commercial lasts only a couple of seconds.


The simpler the slogan in pronunciation, the easier it is remembered (the presence of complex verbal structures in the text will not add ease and complicate the perception of advertising for the consumer).

It has been proved that advertising slogans in the form of rhymed lines or short and bright slogans are most effective. Do not try to grasp the immensity – just create what will most accurately characterize the advertised object.


If during the sound of the advertising slogan the consumer does not appear figurative associations – this is a bad slogan. To enhance the effect, it is worth using familiar images based on the targeted approach to the choice of the target audience (coffee – for office workers, chocolate – for romantic natures, favorite cartoon characters for a children’s audience).


A short slogan is much easier to remember, it does not require significant amounts of advertising space and attracts the attention of a consumer audience much more effectively than long and lengthy promise phrases.


The slogan itself does not require emphasis. But when used inside the text, additionally accented versions of its mention are often found, highlighted by underlining or changing the font.

Such obsession often causes a negative reaction among the consumer audience and makes the slogan ineffective.

Creating an advertising slogan, you must remember about such an important moment as a sense of proportion. Provocative slogans containing a negative message of information, insulting or humiliating consumers have damaged the reputation of hundreds of companies, instantly depriving them of consumer credit read pname com skype raider.

That is why when creating a slogan it is worth considering many nuances that can affect the overall success of an advertising campaign with a target consumer audience.