The Unsaid Rules of Visiting Art Exhibitions


Undoubtedly, art exhibitions are the paradise for all art lovers in the world. Whether you have an inclination towards modern art paintings or contemporary art is more of your liking, irrespective of the genre of art being liked by you, art galleries and exhibitions are a great way of exploring your area of interest. If you have a strong inclination towards the subject of art, then it is quite likely that you will enjoy going to an art exhibition. However, there are certain unsaid rules pertaining to art exhibition etiquettes which one should always remember. Some behaviors are considered to be rude and discourteous. If you’re new to the world of art, then here is a list of things which you need to take care of in order to save yourself from any kind of embarrassment. Here is a list of common guidelines which can help you and everyone around to thoroughly enjoy the event.

modern art paintings1

  • Dress Code:
    Most of the times there is no defined dress code for art exhibitions. However, in order to maintain a certain level of dressiness and grace something specific might be stated. It is always a good idea to go through the invitation really well to find out any mention of a definite kind of garment if any. Arriving casually outfitted to an occasion which demanded you to dress a certain way might end up causing a lot of awkwardness and embarrassment to you. If nothing is clearly mentioned in the invite, then it is suggested that you call the gallery itself to ask if there are any limitations to the way in which you can dress up.
  • Don’t be late:
    If you have received an invitation and it expects you to be there at a specified time, then it would be extremely rude to arrive late without any prior intimation. It might look convenient to escape from the speeches in the beginning but, it is a courteous and chivalrous act to be present there since the start. All the greetings and orations are an integral part of the exhibition and they can end up being quite informative pertaining to the gallery owner, different artists, their histories and artworks, etc. Even if you are visiting the gallery just to see your favourite artists’ modern art paintings, it is advised that you still arrive there on time to display your respect towards others.

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  • Being mindful of the space:
    You might like a certain painting and it could be tempting to stand in front of it admiring its beauty but, you should be conscious about other guests as well. Be it modern art paintings, contemporary art or figurative one, invitees are there to appreciate the various artworks. Standing in front of a painting for an extended period of time is a sign of rudeness and discourtesy. Other guests are also there to appreciate the magnificence of various artworks and you must let them witness its brilliance.
  • Speak softly:
    You notice a breathtakingly gorgeous artwork of your favourite artist who creates splendid modern art paintings and you shriek away with joy? Well, you must refrain from communicating in high pitches and tones while you are visiting an art exhibition.  It is not appropriate to talk in loud tones with people or over phones. By conversing in soft tones, you are showing respect towards artists, gallery and other guests. This is one of the most important rules of visiting any kind of social gathering which expects you to behave a certain way.

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Visiting an art gallery is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. Courtesy and manners are necessary to exhibit in various kinds of public get-togethers. It is always a sign of good etiquettes to maintain a certain conduct and behave in an expected manner.