The Smartest way to buy cheap airline tickets


Most people have gone through the hassle of searching for cheap airline tickets and to their dismay found the prices increasing. If this has happened to you, then trust me you’re not alone. There are millions who are suffering from the same woes as you. The result of the price escalation is people going in to panic mode and find themselves purchasing expensive airline tickets.

We’re going to tell you some smart tips and tricks that can be used the next time you’re planning a trip. Air lines are smart and they know how to charge their passengers extra without them even knowing. It’s your job to outsmart them and get yourself a cheap ticket that fits in your budget.

Go Undercover

No, you’re not crazy when you see the price of the ticket increase every time you search. We’ve already established this in the beginning of the article. Our number one tip is that when you’re searching for affordable airline tickets your browser setting should be on incognito. What basically happens each time you search the cookies on your browser act as a telltale and because of them the site scares you by showing you an inflated price. Searching in private or incognito mode is the easiest way to search for cheap prices, without those pesky browser cookies giving you away. The cookies in your browser are reset every time you open an incognito window. You start from a clean slate each time and as said before there are no booby traps waiting for you.

Pick The Cheapest Day To Fly

There is a lot of controversy when it comes to pinpointing the cheapest day to fly. Some experts say that Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly, and others turn their noses up and call this a myth.  Instead of telling you to book your flight on a Tuesday, we’re going to tell you the smart thing to do. When you’re searching for cheap flights, do search for a flight on Tuesday and every other day of the week too for that matter. Generally, weekdays are supposed to be cheaper so go through multiple days and dates, then pick the one that actually shows you is the cheapest. Also, be flexible when choosing a date, because that always helps. Most people want to fly out on a weekend and that is bad, bad move. You’ll only find escalated ticket prices on a weekend.

Don’t Be Scared Of Budget Airlines

The funny thing is people who are actually on a budget tend to shy away from budget airlines. According to them budget airlines aren’t up to their standards. Why not pick a carrier that is actually catering to your needs, and your need is an inexpensive airline ticket. Some budget airlines don’t offer “free” food or drinks, but hey, food and legs space equals a higher priced ticket.  Our favorites are AirAsia, JetStar and Spirit Airlines. They have quality service and a budget friendly price.