Latest Trends in Call Centre Outsourcing Industry

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There is no denial to the fact that the call centre industry is growing by leaps and bounds from the past few years. Considered as one of the most growing industries across the globe, call centre outsourcing is making billions in the business of assisting other companies to meet their business objectives. As the industry is considered as one of the most promising ones, there are numerous inventions being done in the sector.

As a result of this, there are certain trends which are sizzling the industry of call centres at the current moment and some of them are mentioned below.

  • Digital engagement is gaining popularity over voice-based services: The world is going digital and the call centre outsourcing industry isn’t left untouched. Since the inception of digital support services, there has been a considerable decline in the number of voice-based customer services. Thanks to the development of mobile phones and social media, customers resort to seeking assistance through these channels instead of phone calls.
  • Big data and call centre analytics are the future of the industry: The experts in the industry are of the opinion that big data and call centre analytics is going to reshape the industry in the coming years. Customer’s happiness is dependent on the anticipation of their needs and this is exactly what call centre analytics caters to. It assists businesses in in bringing the information together by means of calls, surveys, chats, etc. in order to create actionable insights. This new technology will change the face of efficient call centre outsourcing It will help the company in anticipating in advance the needs of customers and personalizing the offerings in order to create value for both.
  • Further additions to the list of multi-channel support: Customers expect round-clock-service at any given point of time and from any device. As a result of this ever-growing expectation, businesses will be looking forward to providing multi-channel support by way of numerous mediums in an attempt to increase the levels of customer satisfaction. Smart apps will be growing by a great extent and a colossal increase in web chat support is expected.
  • Voice biometric is the future of authenticating callers: Gone are the days when asking numerous questions was considered suffice to maintain the confidentiality of customers. Fraudsters are able to get access to this critical information of customers and then use it to fulfil their evil desires. In order to curb this issue, call centres would be deploying voice biometrics as it is one of the most robust ways to confirm the genuineness of customers.

Aforementioned are four of the most important trends that are sizzling the world of call centre outsourcing. These vogues have the power to bring a revolution in this industry and we all are waiting to see what amazing changes these trends will end up bringing.