The Significance of the Transportation Management System in India

Transportation Management System
Transportation Management System

In this contemporary world transport system is the major tool for moving goods from one place to another place. Transport system involves physical movement from one location to other. It also contributes to sustainable development and the economic growth of the country.

Why transport management is necessary?

The growth of industries: Transport system and industries growth are interlinked. The growth of industries have never been possible without the transport management system because the selling of goods is only possible through the transportation system

Helps in the functioning of place utility: Transportation helps in creating place utility. A good Transportation management systems helps in moving commodities from former producer to consumer at the actual place where they want to be delivered. Moreover, it also contributes to agriculture system by providing agriculture requirements to the farmer at any time they want.

Build good relations with other countries: Transport system helps in creating healthy relations between the countries. Traveling becomes a daily routine of every person across the world. People travel from one city to another, one country to another country for education, vacation, business etc. Transportation system management in India is also known for removing the distance barriers.

Generate employment: Transport helps in promoting the economic growth of the country by creating job opportunities. The sizeable portion of India’s working population is employed in the sector of transport. It helps to create more and more job opportunities directly or indirectly.

The latest development in Transport management system:

India’s roadways: Roadways are the cheapest modes of transportation in India. Indian roadways are one of the largest road systems in the world. It involves the movement of both men and commodities. Following are the recent development:

National Highway Development Project: The NHD project is handled by the central government. This project has been implemented to build national highways to connect the roads with another city.

SARD: his program is implemented to improve the connectivity with state capital, district headquarters and remote places in the north region.

Railway Sector: Indian railways has experienced a tremendous change in technological developments:

CNG trains are introduced to reduce pollution as well as the consumption of fuel like diesel

Indian transportation has now also improved the quality of catering. Travelkhana is a major marketplace which offers passenger a variety of food.

The government has also taken up a step toward bullet train so that traveling time can be reduced.

Computerization of ticket services. Now people can book their seats sitting at home at anytime online.

Government is now doing efforts to make the environment clean and green by installing bio-toilets in every coach

Development in Aviation Sector:

More and more airports are to be set up in different cities, New international airports are going to be constructed in Banglore, Hyderabad, goa by involving the private sector.

The government has implemented liberal civil aviation to revamp domestic services

Apart from agents, the Internet has now become an important medium to book tickets.

Air aviation sector also creating more and more job opportunities in terms of crew and ground staff.