New Upcoming Job Portal in India by IFFCO


IFFCOYuva – An Initiative Dedicated To the Youth of India

India is a country with a huge population; the second largest in the world. And while this has led to the country being a melting pot of cultures and diversity, a huge population also gives rise to concerns, like employability and job opportunities for the nation’s youth. A major portion of India’s total population consists of youth below 35 years of age.

There are many factors, like a common lack of knowledge about online job applications, lack of experience, and/or necessary skills in candidates, etc., that can be said to contribute to the problem of unemployment in India.

IFFCO, a leading co-operative organization in the world, has launched its new job portal, called IFFCOYuva.

Top features of IFFCOYuva

Dual Language Options – For the convenience of all the individuals who take to this website for job applications, IFFCOYuva comes with dual language options. These languages are Hindi and English.

Job Across Various Categories – IFFCOYuva brings you information about numerous jobs, and across varied categories that range from fitters, electrician, and security professionals to doctors, engineers, and accountants.
Search Jobs Across All Major Cities In The Country – The portal displays career prospects available across various small to big cities and in different parts of the country.

Look Into Job Postings By Top Companies – At IFFCOYuva, individuals can find job postings from top companies associated with electronics, IT, digital marketing, healthcare, education, etc. in both private and public sectors.

Why You Should Look Forward To It

To transform IFFCOYuva into one of the most recognized and one-of-its kind job posting sites in the nation, its makers have added features that set it apart from others. These include –

Free Registration And Services

Unlike conventional job portals in India, IFFCOYuva enables individuals to find job opportunities that are most suitable to their profile, without charging any registration fee. The idea behind this step was to help the youth from all sections of the society in conveniently finding a means of livelihood.
The free feature is not only for job seekers to benefit of, but also for employers, who can make job postings at this website without having to pay anything at all.


To improve the prospects of employability, IFFCOYuva maintains a series of practice papers for different job categories that individuals can refer to. These practice papers have been arranged in three levels which are – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Individuals taking the test can choose to time the tests too. These practice papers allow aspirants to ensure that they are in the best shape, before they make their job applications.


Besides offering information about job vacancies, IFFCOYuva also provides young learners and first-timers an opportunity to sharpen their skills and gain certification in subjects related to their respective fields. The certification is provided on the basis of a timed assessment that the learner needs to pass.

Summing it all up, IFFCOYuva is a unique job portal that offers some of the best jobs for freshers online, along with enabling them to enhance as well test their skill sets. All the facilities offered by IFFCOYuva, right from job search to certifications, are free of cost, as the portal strives to serve as a window to showcase talents from the rural corners of India.