The Online Shops Where You Can Buy Craft and Art Supplies

Online Shops

Artists are very particular about their art supplies. It is no surprise that there is an online store that stocks everything they need. Crafters and artists must consider many factors when shopping online, but the most important are price and quality. Online shopping can add additional factors such as shipping costs, customer service, and return policy.

Although it may seem difficult to find an online store that fulfills all these criteria but note that there are many. Art and craft suppliers are aware of the demands of artists and have arranged to meet them. Below are the top online art supply shops. Some are notable for their large selection or their excellent customer service. You can pick the online art supply shop that best fits your needs based on what is most essential to you.

There is no need to limit yourself to one shop. Take note that it is important to choose a site with a great reputation and excellent customer reviews. These are some examples of such sites:


Amazon offers a wide range of products and art supplies are not an exception. You can search Amazon for common supplies such as watercolors and drawing pencils. You can also search for niche products like pottery clay or soap-making materials. Moreover, Amazon has a lot of washable paint and is great for kids’ art supplies.

Amazon offers Prime, a free shipping option that allows you to order from any country. Most sellers allow refunds and returns providing that it is within the 30-day shipment. Amazon’s main disadvantage is that it’s not an art site. This means that you might find products that aren’t up to your standards. It can be difficult for novice artists to distinguish between high-quality products and low-quality ones.


Alibaba may be an excellent option when it comes to custom-made or wholesale craft direct supplier items at a low wholesale cost. Alibaba has a large number of Chinese direct factories and trade companies that offer high-quality art supplies.

You only need to find a supplier who can supply you with a craft product that meets your requirements. Your supplier will generally handle the shipment to your home. This means that you don’t need to worry about shipping goods from China to your home country.

Plaza Art

Another New York-based supply store is Plaza Art. It was established in Manhattan in 1960. They pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service. The company was able to deliver within one hour in NYC before COVID-19. It also offers a nationwide delivery. Delivery is free for orders over $45 like many other competitors. Plaza offers two options for customers to contact its customer service team: via phone or on-site messaging.

Plaza offers a large selection of art supplies including brushes, paints, easels, drawing sets, surfaces and canvases, calligraphy materials, and more. The Framing Studio offers custom framing. Customers will be happy to return because of the seasonal sales and frequent promotions.

Cheap Joe’s

Cheap Joe’s has many high-quality art supplies. However, the website’s soothing white background doesn’t allow too many products to overwhelm it.

Cheap Joe’s has affordable or budget-friendly art supplies, as you can guess by the name. However, low prices do not mean lower quality. You can find a wide range of high-quality brands of paints and brushes, papers, easels, canvases, and more. You’ll also find great gift ideas for both children and adults in the gift ideas section. However, Cheap Joe’s has one major drawback. They don’t offer free shipping if you spend less than $100.

It’s easy and fun to shop online for art supplies

High-quality materials are essential for creating beautiful art. These sites provide a wide range of options. Most online shops offer easy returns and exchanges, which is a great way to make the most out of your online shopping experience. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can easily return it. Sometimes, the order may turn out to be even better than you expected. All the top art supply websites have one thing in common: shopping can be extremely fun. You may get old favorites, find new ones, or stumble upon amazing deals.