The importance of logo for your business


The logo is the signature of your company, it is he who will visually translate the personality of your brand and generate identification with your audience. In a competitive market like we are in a logo well done makes the business or product stand out from others and convey professionalism and credibility.

We highlight in this article the importance of logo for your company and some tips for you to stand out from your competition starting from its visual identity. Check it:

The importance of logo for your company

For many new entrepreneurs, the initial lack of capital makes the creation of the visual identity to be deferred until they reach a few more customers. This can disrupt contact with potential new customers if you handed a business card without logo and does not reflect any characteristic of the brand, for example.

You need to keep in mind that open the business, you should look for the fastest way to his success. In this case, the logo can help you in this task, because it contributes to the visibility and credibility of the brand. Ignore the importance of logo can bring problems to your company as:

Instability Print

If you start your business with a logo and a short time later changes his identity again, eventually creating a confusion in the minds of its customers, making them think that the logos are of different business or the business changed hands.

Appearance of amateurism

If you use materials that were not developed by qualified professionals, this attitude may transpire that you are not able to fulfill their projects with the required quality, or that does not invest in the business itself, causing mistrust and losing credibility.


If you do not know the real importance of logo or take care of your visual identity haphazardly and distributes a business card with a logo, but on your site, for example, has another, it may cause an identity crisis for your business. Try to develop a unique identity from the beginning and work fixing brand with your audience.

Case Study: Brand DAKO

It is not difficult to understand the importance of the logo, after all, when the logo is created, your brand begins to settle in the minds of consumers, who will learn to associate the symbol with your product or service. There are several factors that will influence the time to choose your logo, as the area in which you operate, the profile of your organization, the target audience, among many others. So it is important to do research and raise up data so that your identity is according to the company’s profile.

To illustrate the topic, consider the case of a Brazilian brand, Dako.

It is a leading manufacturer of home appliances and has recently decided to redesign the logo of your company. Developed by Dako marketing team in partnership with an agency, the logo changed from red to purple and now brings a “smile”.

According to the company, the new visual identity seeks to let the younger and next mark the new generation of consumers who are modern women, young people and take life in a lighter way.

Investment in rejuvenation project cost about 4 million, including the development of new products and marketing initiatives.

As you can see, the importance of the logo is not small and cannot simply be summed to a drawing, but before anything, a concept transmitted through an image.

Serious mistakes companies make with their logos

As seen in the case of the Dako brand, investment in qualified professionals can change (for the better) all the customers’ perception of a brand. In this case, just poorly made can have the opposite effect and create a noise in the communication of values and the company’s products. So apart some serious mistakes that many companies comment on time to produce their logos. Check it:

  1. Poor choice of typography

When it comes to making a logo, choose a good typography is one of the most important points for the soon reach the state of the art. A professional designer tries to understand the context in which the logo and the customer target group is set to create a beautiful logo, drawing attention and reflect the company’s values. Another common mistake is to abuse the variety of printers. As shown below:

  1. Copy logos of famous brands

Copy may seem like a “genial balcony” for many designers but for your business is purely and exclusively a lack of originality. A soon copied will not convey the real identity of your company and the most she can do is remind your customers of the great brand that you copied. If you are lucky, the worst may still happen: your logo copied become a viral joke on the internet.

  1. Being produced by an amateur

Paying for a “nephew” or the “intern firm” may seem like a good option to minimize costs but it is a very serious mistake committed by Brazilian entrepreneurs. If you want to have a professional business, your company needs a logo and a professional visual identity.

There are some clear advantages for entrepreneurs who understand the importance of the logo and therefore invest in a professional designer to make your logo:

– Your logo will be unique and memorable;

– The life of your logo will be much higher, you do not have to redo it for years;

– Your business will gain credibility automatically.