The Advantages of Online Flight Ticket Booking


Doing a flight reservation on your own is much simpler today. Gone are the days when you had to search for a reliable travel agent, visit them during their business hours, spend a few hours finalizing an itinerary. Internet has made it possible for you do online flight ticket booking. There are many advantages that save you considerable money and time when you reserve your seat online.


The primary advantage of online flight ticket booking is the convenience. You are not bound to any timings. The travel agents operate during the day hours. It could clash with your business timings. Either you must go meet them leaving your important tasks or request them to work beyond their timings. Planning and finalizing your itinerary over the telephone can lead to complications and disturb your trip.

In contrast, online flight ticket booking can be done anytime from anywhere. You can browse a website on your personal computer in your office or at home. In case you are planning a trip with your friends, you can use their computers to view and finalize your tour. Another benefit of online booking is you can download the app of an online portal and access the site on your mobile devices. Plan your holiday trip in leisure at your convenient time and on any device. That is the freedom you get with online reservations.


You will save considerable time when you do online flight ticket booking. The procedure is rather simple and easy. Instead of spending time visiting or calling up different airlines/ travel agents, you download the app of a reliable online travel portal. There are a series of steps you must follow which include

  • Enter the boarding destination and your landing destination
  • You will be prompted to choose if one-way or return.
  • Select your proposed date of travel from the calendar
  • You can find a list of flights starting from the earliest flight in the morning. Select the one convenient for you.
  • The calculator will calculate and display the total price with breakup of the actual fare and applicable taxes.

The flight number, timings, duration of flight and the fare will be displayed. What otherwise would have occupied you at least a few hours can be completed with a few clicks online.

Incentives for you

Most of the air ticketing portals offer several kinds of deals and incentives to encourage you to buy online. The fares are always cheaper when you do online flight ticket booking. When you download and register, the portals offer you a welcome bonus that you may apply whenever you do any booking with them. In addition, there are cashback deals which is usually credited to your wallet within a week of your travel.

The portals also partner with banks and other financial merchants to offer heavy discounts when you buy your tickets using their credit cards. Sometimes, they do not charge you any cancellation fee. However, it is important you read the terms and conditions before registering with any portal.