Tetsuya Yamagami, Shinzo Abe’s 41 year old attacker wanted to Attack religious chief Reports


The 41 year old attacker accepted his fault. He said that he believed Abe had advertised the scrupulous group to announce impoverishment through contribution, as reported by Japanese agency, Kyodo News.

The attacker said that he already made a plan to kill the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and announced that he always wanted to kill a leader of the religious group, but he didn’t pass it .But today is the day where he can get a chance to attack him. Reported by the Japanese news agency, Kyodo News.

The 41 old attacker accepted his crime and said to the police that he believed his mother went destitute through contribution under the impact of the scrupulous group.

The attacker also confirmed his motive to kill Abe as he believed he had supported the group in Japan, according to the sources. The attacker visited every location of the Prime Minister where he delivered speeches in Sunday’s house of Councillors election.

From Shinzo Abe To Nelson Mandela, India has beheld the state grieving the demise of these foreign leaders.

The 41 year old attackers of Shinzo Abe’s Killer ‘Tetsuya Yamagami’ at the beginning of the session totally denied shooting the former PM because he was not in his party. He was in opposition to Abe’s political beliefs, according to the police. When police came to the suspect’s house after a long search, they found weapons and homemade guns. 

Yamagami, was unemployed and worked at a manufacturing company in the Kansas region in 2020 till May this year, proclaiming the agency. He was also a member of the Maritime Self-defence force for almost three years from August 2005.

The attack on Abe in the country has few of the strictest gun control laws that has astonished the whole world. 

Abe was 67 when he was shot. After that the commencement of his Nara space campaigning took place for approaching upper house elections. He was flown to a hospital but was later conspicuously deceased.