Steps to Pick the Best Diamond for Your Fiancée


In your attempt to pick the best diamond, you’ll need to follow a few common steps like that of choosing clarity and color of your gemstone. However, you must check out the certification alongside checking the symmetry, polish, and fluorescence of a diamond.

Here are the top 3 steps that you ought to follow:

Pick a range of CARAT WEIGHT

This is one of the important questions that you ought to research on while buying your favorite gemstone. Diamond prices may vary frequently on the carat weight than any other factor. In addition, the size of your diamond is also determined by the carat weight of your choicest purchase. Prior to placing your order, you must do a detailed research on these crucial issues just to ward of future hassles. If you’re determined on giving her a surprise, you may consider discussing it with her friends and loved ones. It will help you obtain a more realistic picture on her expectations.

Choose the right shape

The shape of the diamond that your girlfriend may prefer to wear is another key factor that you ought to take into account while making a purchase. It often depends on her sense of aesthetics. You can’t actually make a wild guess on this one. You may discuss it with her friends, but they don’t get you a satisfying answer then you may opt for the round shape.

You’ll always get ample time to get it replaced if you buy it from a site that offers a 30-day return policy. You may check out a website belonging to any premier diamond trading company. But at the same time, you must remember that the shape of a diamond leaves an impact on its price.

Identify the right CUT QUALITY

The major decisions pertaining to technicalities are based on a couple of questions. You must determine the right cut quality apart from choosing the shape and carat weight of precious little stone. Cut quality affects the diamond price in a distinct way. Although it seems trick to pick the right cut quality, you may consult with different vendors since you don’t have any standardized cut grades to compare with. Depending on the cut grade mentioned in the certificate, few of the vendors may offer cut grades on round-shaped diamonds. The Astor Collection from Blue Nile yields a fine cushion cut stone, while the True Heart’s range round diamonds from James Allen’s are bound to keep you captivated for long.

Cut grades may vary with the choice of labs. Vendors take various diamond measurements into account for determining their cut grade matrix. However, a vendor may not regard cut grades certified by others on the fancier shapes than usual. It’s quite tough for them to combine a wide variety of diamond processing strategies at once. You must consider the cut grade depicted in the certificate over the one stated on your seller’s website.