Sprucing Your Granite Countertop



Granite is one of the hardest herbal stones in the world. generally set up in homes as kitchen or toilet counter tops, granite is a long lasting fabric which could face up to years of ordinary wear and tear. Professionally sealed and properly maintained, counter tops can decorate and boom the cost of your house and provide you with a few years of sensible use and leisure.

Preventive upkeep

To maintain your countertops searching like new, avoid putting glasses or cups at once on them. Use coasters to save you stains. do not forget, heat also can stain granite, so do no longer vicinity hot pans and pots immediately on them.

fast cope with any spills, but keep away from actually wiping them off; instead, dab them with a dry towel to prevent the spill from spreading to a greater area. keep away from putting citrus fruits or any alcohol merchandise on granite. The chemical response among acid and the calcite inside the granite can reason the surface to stupid or etch.

in case your countertops seem like they could use a terrific cleansing, do no longer use normal family cleaners. most family cleaners have high pH solutions (like ammonia-primarily based window cleaners) or are certainly too abrasive which stupid or damage the floor of your granite countertops. pick a product that has a neutral pH level.

Cleaning your Granite counter tops

most granite countertops are properly sealed before they’re hooked up in houses. professional installers generally advocate resealing granite countertops each three years. To assist granite preserve its beautiful shine, however, it is important to polish it frequently. that is effortlessly carried out.

start off by using cleansing the countertop very well; this includes disposing of any stains. take into account not to apply abrasive cleaners or cleaners with a high pH degree. allow the surface to dry thoroughly. Then, practice a terrific first-class granite polish lightly on the complete floor. Use a clean material to buff the floor, and you’re achieved! Repeat as regularly as wished or as advocated at the label of the granite polish. the use of a microfiber cloth (or a fabric diaper) is usually recommended as there is less risk of extra fibers being left at the counter.

putting in a countertop in your own home is an investment in your house, because it enhances any room and enhances an countless style of décor. it’s also a high priced funding. with the aid of making sure your granite countertop is nicely sealed and by using being cautious of spills and stains, a easy buff and polish ought to assist hold your granite countertop (and your funding) blanketed and searching proper as new.