Appetti – Your Friendly Guide with an Appetite


Have you heard about Appetti before? If you’re foodie lover who likes to travel, you should read this article.
This is not a smart phone app, this is a responsive website you can easily use on your smart phone and tablet, you can use it on your computer of course. But if you use smart phone, it will be more useful.

Visit on your smart phone, and you’ll see the magic happens. This Appetti mobile site will guide you to the best restaurant / bar in the city you travel. For example, when you’re traveling to Singapore and you’re looking for restaurant that serves vegetarian food, you can just search in on Appetti. Not only that, they will tell you where is the nearest restaurant and guide you with GPS. Simple and easy!

Don’t miss special deals and happy hours from restaurants or bars, they offer crazy deals and promotions. For example, 50% discount for main course, or buy pizza get softdrink for free, or free beers if you come early. Go check Appetti yourself and you will know!

There are thousands restaurants and bars available in Appetti, and you can filter or sort the options you want. If you want to go to Italian Restaurant, you can just type “Italian restaurant” in the search box, and you will find a lot of nice Italian restaurants in your city.

You want to travel to Bangkok next week but don’t know anything about the nice places to hangout or dine? You can search it on Appetti, you don’t have to be there yet if you want to look for something. And you will get valuable information for your trip.

This mobile site doesn’t need your phone memory, unlike other food directories you ever seen, so you will have enough spare memories in your phone for photos or songs.
Well, this short information I believe will help you a lot when you’re traveling to countries in Asia. Happy traveling