Smart SEO Tricks that always work


The Internet is filled with information offering “ultimate guides” on how to success in your SEO campaigns. But in many cases, it is difficult to know which one of them really works. If you are in a similar situation, then you need to turn in here and get real and practical tricks that will help you to succeed in your marketing campaigns.

Give your site a sense of security by installing an SSL certificate

When it comes to SEO ranking, and especially Google’s version, security is indispensable. By getting an SSL certificate, you tell search engines you have created a safe environment within which your visitors and customers can transact. When your clients see the “https” trademark, they get the assurance that their confidential details are safe as they transact with you. Additionally, the SSL certificate will protect your site from possible hacking where thieves can break into the entire system and steal sensitive customer details. So, if you want to play it safe with Google’s ranking, then make is safe for your visitors and customers.

Acquire existing websites

Acquiring an already existing website is one of the ways you can use to boost the SEO ranking of your website. As a smart online marketer to whom every opportunity counts, you need to go beyond the mass spirit that tells you that you don’t need to do something unless “everyone” is also doing it. Of course, this method is not one of the most popular techniques of promoting SEO. However, to a smart marketer who wants to get eth best of everything, you can give your site a big boost through buying an old site.

But how does it bring desired results to your site and SSL certificate? The technique works in a quite simple manner. When you buy an already running website, it will help in absorbing existing traffic. Second, it works by bringing on board high levels of organic traffic by redirecting traffic to your website.

Boost your website’s legitimacy

Creating a privacy policy and terms of use page for your website is one of the ways of boosting the image of your website’s legitimacy. When you do this, you give it a high standing above the other “back street” sites that are populating the Internet.

Diversify your keywords length

Even though they are not the only way of optimizing your website for search engines, keywords are still an important pillar in the whole SEO game. The reason here is that keywords are the starting point where your online visitors begin their journey of location you on the Net. For instance, if you are a dentist, the beginning point of your visitors’ search will be the word “dentist.” However, when the search engine displays the search results, it will bring up a whole “mixed grill” of stuff. That is why you need to use both single or double-word keywords as well as long-tail keywords.

By using long-tail keywords, you make it easy for your potential customers to find you. For instance, if you are a child dentist serving the larger London area, you need to take advantage of long-tail keywords. For instance, you can use keywords such as “emergency child dentist in London.” In this case, a person looking for a child dentist around London will find you easier than if they just keyed in the primary keyword “dentist.”

Have a highly converting homepage

Your homepage is one of the most important pages on your site. It is like the main gate of your home where visitors land into your compound before they are further directed to various sections of your compound. You need to optimize it for conversion since it is difficult to stuff it with many details. One of the best ways of optimizing your homepage is focusing on building your brand name.

Go social or go home

When the social media sprouted, it was considered as one of the pastime sites for social gossip and peer trivia with nothing serious to offer businesses. But as the revolution has continued gaining popularity, even search engine giants such as Google are so much aware of their impact they are buying some of them, for instance, YouTube. To underscore the importance of these social networks, it is estimated that more than 76% of online marketers use Facebook and Twitter to bolster their SEO campaigns. Moreover, all the major search engines are now indexing content posted in social networks. This way, we are seeing the deletion of the middle line between social media and the “mainstream” Internet.

So, do you still want to succeed in your SEO? Then don’t forget the social media. Just ensure that you post relevant and qualitative content, and you will reap priceless dividends.

Go visual

Visual Marketing

If you are not optimizing video content for your SEO ranking, then you are missing too much. The reason here is that video content constitutes more than 62% of all the searches on Google. Additionally, Google itself shows a bias for qualitative videos by giving them a 50-time higher organic page rank than plain text. Lastly, video searches get receive a 41% higher click-though rate compared to plain text content. With all these facts graphically presented to you, you have no other option but to tap into the power of video content as a means of boosting your SEO campaigns.

Go local

Even in a highly integrated world, it is necessary to let Google know your local positioning. The truth is that some businesses that can only serve a given local area. For instance, a dentist in Denver can only serve patients profitably and conveniently in and around Denver. At the moment, Google has updated its “Pigeon” to help businesses in focusing their marketing on specific geographical locations. This way, it is easier for search engines to display your content to the most relevant audience.

Final thoughts

This post has shared out some of the most practical and result-packed ideas to boost your SEO ranking.With all these tricks at your fingertips, you now have the power in your hands to attain greater levels of SEO ranking and success.