Simple Steps to Writing The Perfect Blog Post

Simple Steps to Writing The Perfect Blog Post

To Add A Blog Or Not?

Many businesses are looking to adding a blog section onto their website. Even those that one might not initially have thought would keep a blog have quite a series of blog posts on their website. Why? Blogs are a fantastic way to incorporate SEO. Why is SEO important? SEO or search engine optimization essentially help a business become relevant during a search. For a business owner who wants their business to show up in the initial pages of a web search, they need to utilize SEO. Every home webpage in itself can have some SEO. However, those simple tagged words typically aren’t enough to keep the business relevant long-term. An SEO blog, however, continues to make that page relevant. With its relevance, more customers can find their site and use their services.

For businesses who want to ensure that their company is doing everything it can to be relevant to its customers, incorporating a blog is essential. Creating a relevant blog isn’t as easy as it sounds. Google, in fact, can even penalize websites that utilize SEO incorrectly. This article will discuss key steps and methods that can ensure the blog used on a company’s website can help drive their SEO rating and increase their traffic.

  1. Choose A Great Topic

While it may be easy to write about cat videos and the latest episode of everyone’s favorite television series, is it actually relevant to the business? If the content of the blogs isn’t actually driving people to read them, then the company is completely missing the point of having a blog on their site in the first place. Instead, businesses should choose a topic that is relevant. This topic should endeavor to teach customers something new. One great way to come up with a topic is to go over the frequently asked questions that the customers have for the business. By expanding on that question and answering it, companies not only help customers who are confused but also can create a topic that is relevant to their site and can drive SEO. Another method is to take a look at what the competitors are writing about. While a business shouldn’t blatantly copy what they’re saying, they should attempt to put their own spin on the topic.

  1. Research

Once the topic has been chosen, the writer has to perform research. Original ideas are extremely rare. However, that doesn’t mean that the topic can’t be written. Instead, a company should simply put their own spin on the subject. Perhaps the company offers a different solution than many of the others. The writer should see what other articles are out there on the topic. Then they should utilize those resources to drive the content of their own original article.

  1. Attention-Grabbing Intro

Perhaps one of the strongest parts of a blog post its intro. Much like an excellent book, writers need to have an intro that intrigues the reader. with an emphasis placed on making the most of one’s time, a writer has to be able to give information in an effective and concise manner without blatantly providing filler content. Subject material that is considered to be filler will make readers lose interest. When writing a blog post, particularly its intro, writers need to be able to grab the attention of the reader and then write an easily skimmable article for them to follow.

  1. Links

It’s also great SEO practice to link to other pages. Previous articles and sources will drive the SEO score.