Parameters to Consider in the Selection of a Flow Meter

Flow Meter
Flow Meter

A variety of parameters should be taken into consideration while choosing a flow meter. While choosing a flow meter particularly for a precise use or purpose, it is critical to consider a host of factors that range from your depth of knowledge of the properties of the specific flow meter to the precise conditions of the volume of fluids, use, and even fluid properties. It is important to choose the right flow meter for the specific application you are looking for. In this context, you must know what exactly a flow meter is. As per, “A flow meter is a device used to measure the volume or mass of a gas or liquid.  Flow meters are referred to by many names, such as flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, flow rate sensor, etc. depending on the particular industry. However, they all measure flow. Improving the precision, accuracy, and resolution of fluid measurement are the greatest benefits of the best flow meters.” Let us explore the different parameters to be considered while choosing the flow meter for your specific task.

Application & Purpose

You must have a clearly defined purpose in mind. What is your purpose of getting a flow meter? What is your precise objective? What precisely the flow meter needs to accomplish. What are the precise requirements of this particular job? What is the exact application type? You must have clear-cut answers to all these pertinent questions before you move ahead in the selection process.

Apart from these crucial questions, it is imperative to take into consideration the exact flow measurement category (gases & liquids), since that would be helping in defining clearly the kind of sensor that is best suited to the respective environment. It is important to identify the environment or place where exactly the flow meter would be used as that could be useful for determining the appropriate range and size of your flow meter that would be essential for achieving the necessary accuracy.

The Specific Flow Profile

What are the unique characteristics or features and specific flow rates of the gases or liquids for your application? Have you identified the maximum and minimum flow rates that are just right for your specific application? Do you know about the precise performance qualities associated with your flow meter?

Flow profile is an important factor in determining the momentum, as well as, other critical behaviors of fluid. Both Non-Newtonian and Newtonian fluids are known to have different viscosity, velocity, pressure, and flow rate. It is of pivotal importance to be aware of all these attributes for selecting the perfect flow meter as per your unique specifications and requirements. You may get in touch with reputable and trustworthy sites such as for getting the right flow meter to cater to your specific requirements.

Capabilities & Performance

What is the perfect size of the flow meter for your needs? Does the construction or the material of the flow meter have an effect on the gases and fluids that you actually are moving? What about the temperature and pressure of the gas and fluids? How would certain factors such as fluid pressure or temperature impact the flow meter performance in terms of measurement accuracy?

Flow meter behavior has been remarkably defined by precisely the Reynolds number. It is supposed to be a dimensionless quantity that defines the exact relationship between velocity and momentum of a fluid that could determine if the stream or flow is turbulent or laminar. This specific flow meter quality or feature along with its chemical compatibility, fluid temperature, and fluid pressure would assist in identifying the accuracy and performance capabilities of a flow meter meant for the specific gas or liquid application.

External Factors

Certain external factors impact the selection of a flow meter. What are the real-life conditions that may be contributing to equipment downtime? Do you know of government regulations or local environmental regulations that could impact your operations? What are you thinking in terms of vendor selection? There are a plethora of environmental factors and conditions that are not in your control and may impact everything right from the selection of the flow meter to its operations. Moreover, additional factors relating to the flow meter installation and the overall lifespan of your equipment could play an important role in the overall decision-making process of the flow meter.


You must do a lot of research and do a comparative analysis of the various costs involved. What is the actual cost of your flow meter and the associated equipment? What are the costs associated with both installation and maintenance? What could be the operations’ costs? You must consider the lifespan expectancy and think in terms of the depreciation values. While chalking out the budget, you must allocate costs to installation, maintenance, running and repair costs, etc.


A variety of parameters need to be considered while choosing the best flow meter for specific use and application. Keep in mind all the above-discussed parameters for making the right choice.