Sharing Pregnancy Woes with a Female Medical Practitioner!

female medical practitioner

Pregnancy is a delicate and fragile matter. It is advisable for women who plan their pregnancy or plan to start a family to visit a gynecologist beforehand. Pregnancy and other women health-related issues are best diagnosed by gynecologists.

However, some women shy away from visiting male doctors and this includes male gynecologists too. While male doctors are competent and at par with female doctors in such a specialization, the problem lies in one’s mindset and hence, women prefer women doctors! With the advancement in medical science and the increase in requirement for doctors, fortunately, there is no dearth of female doctors, especially lady gynecologists in the country.

For example, if a lady living in the Thane west region in Mumbai, is pregnant or wishes to start her family life, i.e. plan a baby, she can now consult a lady gynecologist in Thane West. Similarly, when she requires an Obstetrician, she will find an Obstetrician in Thane to fulfill her requirement.

Fortunately for her, she will not have to travel across the city to meet her preferred doctor for treatment and consultation. Today, doctors are available in every pocket of the city. Every section of the city, especially a Metropolis like Mumbai is developed in such a way that doctors, male and female, are available and accessible easily.

But why is there a demand for a lady gynecologist and obstetrician? Firstly, as we mentioned, it is to with the mindset. People tend to believe that as pregnancy is a delicate matter, a woman will understand a woman’s plight better. Also, it requires internal as well as external medical checkups. Therefore, exposing one’s self to a male doctor does not seem feasible and can be uncomfortable. Also, with a woman doctor, a lady may open up easily about her problems. The lady gynecologist, being a woman first, will have first-hand knowledge of the female physiology. Therefore, she will be able to understand, diagnose and treat the patient optimally.

Apart from pregnancy, there are many physiological requirements women come across. It could be organ-related too. Speaking about one’s problem openly with the doctor of the same sex creates an atmosphere of understanding. Therefore, women prefer women doctors.

Also, a woman doctor would understand her women patients psyche. Often the disease or condition is not only physical but also emotional. In case of pregnancy, the patient’s mindset is often delicate. In a country like India where the distinction between roles played by men and women still has huge gaps, a woman consulting a woman gynecologist is an ideal situation.

However, choosing a female gynaecologist newtown over a male gynecologist is just a matter of choice. Both genders are equally competent when it comes their chosen profession. This is because they both study the human form – male and female equally as it is required by their course. They both have to put in equal work hours to ensure a smooth running practice. Also, their knowledge level is at par with each other. It is foolhardy to think that men don’t make good gynecologists. In fact, it is just the opposite. In our very own country when being a doctor was considered a man’s job, it was not that we did not have gynecologists. We did. They were males and they expertly helped deliver babies, helping women through their pregnancies and so on. Today with easy availability of female gynecologists, the choice can be made. All said and done, there are many women who prefer male gynecologists too. But given the mindset, the natural reaction to a gynecologist is that the doctor should be a female to treat a female.