The most precious moment for the Muslims of Pakistan is Eid. There are two Eids celebrated, Eid Ul Azha and Eid Ul Fitr.  The Eid Ul Azha can be made beautiful by delivering the gifts to your loved ones on this special occasion. The story of Eid Ul Azha begins way back in the time of prophet Ibrahim and his beloved son Ismail. They both loved each other as family and they were called by God one, day to separate from each other. After seeing a dream, the prophet Ibrahim was ordered by the Almighty Allah to sacrifice his son Ismail.  At first the prophet was very confused and disturbed, but for the will of God, he decided the he will sacrifice his beloved son Ismail.

The Quran and the Bible both declare it, the miracle of God happened for his prophet when he was about to lay his son to the slaughter. Just at the very moment he was cutting his the throat with the e knife, the prophet’s son was replaced by the lamb.  By the will of God. The son Ismail was saved and God was so pleased with his prophet that he granted him his son’s life and replaces it with the life of a lamb. Therefore, the tradition of sacrificing a lamb for the will of God on Eid Ul Azha is very popular in the whole world for Muslims. But when we talk about sharing all the fun and excitement of this lovely occasion, then we can start by sending and receiving gifts for our loved ones.


The history of Eid Ul Azha is quite interesting and gives us a lesson of love and obedience. It also brings so much joy and happiness to Muslims after the occasion of Hajj.

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