Latest Running Trend: Reflective Tape


Apparently, the ‘90s are back, but not for the reasons you may expect. While we’ve been witnessing a rise in fashion that promotes a twist on the ‘90s – its mixture of chic and trashy – we’re now experiencing yet another twist, a totally justified and desired one – the reflective tape!

For all of you who are too young to remember the reflective tape, let us give you an insight into what it really is. No, it’s not a fashion accessory or slang for a new fashion line; it’s actually a traffic regulator. The reflective tape, aka safety tape is used to enhance safety aspects, and it can be used in various ways and places – from lining a construction site to adding it to your garments for safety.

The reason reflective tape is making a comeback is due to strict traffic regulations that have, apparently, started requiring a reflective tape on vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, etc. as well as on passengers and bikes/motorcycles/rollers or any other sort of “vehicles” to increase the visibility at night.

Safety should always come first, so no matter how fashionable you are, make it your business to include the reflective tape into your outfit, especially if you know you’ll be going home when it’s already too dark to spot a pedestrian or a vehicle.

A silver lining is found in the fact that there are various types and models of reflective tape to choose from, but by far the most common one is the striped red and white pattern.

How does reflective tape work?

This safety tape includes tiny glass particles or special dyes that intensify any light; owing to this tape, a vehicle will instantly become a lot more visible at night, or in foggy and rainy weather.

When and how can reflective tape be used?

Ways to use reflective tape are numerous as it can be easily worked into virtually any type of clothes or accessories that you, or someone dear to you may be wearing. Additionally, there’s something called “reflective gear” and it’s often worn by sportsmen and women who are doing portions of their workouts during night time.

If reflective gear is too much for you, you can simply use the tape in moderation.

For instance, when your child’s coming back from school when days are shorter and it gets dark out way earlier than it should, your child may be exposed to accidents due to reckless driving and low visibility; likewise, cars should have reflective tape on them so that the pedestrians can notice them and prevent any potential harm beforehand.

The tape can be placed anywhere visible and convenient – from your child’s backpack, jacket, back of the pants, on a bike, on a hat, etc – wherever you feel would be the most suitable. The key is not to pick the tape of the same color as the fabric you’ll be sticking it on.

For instance, if your child’s schoolbag is green you should choose some silver reflective tape to achieve the easy-to-spot effect.

Is reflective tape to be used regularly?

Yes, absolutely! What is more – it shouldn’t be used during “regular days” only but during extended bike competitions, marathons, car races and similar other sports contests, too.

What’s great about reflective tape is that it is not only easy to use but it is also very resistant to tough weather conditions, withstanding them without any deterioration of reflective properties or color. It’s proven that safety tapes show long term durability too, so no need to worry too much about replacing them often. However, do check them from time to time, just to see if everything’s in place.