Real Estate needs branding via the PR Firms it hires


Once you’ve established a strong online presence — one that includes a fully fleshed out website, consistent content creation, and a savvy social media strategy — it’s time to turn your attention to other real estate branding efforts to support this digital marketing foundation. Promoting your business through blog posts, social shares, and email campaigns is a vital component of any successful real estate marketing plan, but it’s not always enough to draw attention from the right audience.

However, there is a way to break through to a new level of brand recognition — using community outreach to maximize exposure, specifically through a real estate public relations (PR) strategy, which we explain how to implement below. There are many benefits for brands in using PR Firms to enhance their visibility many of which are applicable to you, the agent but these are the primary benefits to consider. No one gets to where they want to be professional without a little help. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a reference from a former colleague that helps you land a job.

Other times, it’s a referral lead from another agent in your market. Similarly, when it comes to PR Firms, you can leverage other people (journalists, TV/radio personalities, industry influencers, bloggers) and publications (newspapers/news websites, magazines, weekly/monthly newsletters) to become a recognizable agent in your community. While it typically takes time to develop a solid real estate PR strategy that generates buzz around your brand and positions you in the light you want leads to see you in, sticking with your community outreach plan, in the long run, will bring about numerous distinct benefits for your brand. Just as persistence is required to “win” with your real estate search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, the same holds true for building mutually beneficial relationships that yield more acknowledgment of and, if done right, high praise for your company. This way real estate can benefit.

Real estate PR is here to stay

Speaking of relationship-building, it certainly comes in handy to have connections that can regularly publish and promote your content and help introduce your real estate brand to an entirely new audience. The trick to building bonds with writers, editors, reporters, publicists, and other media professionals is learning what you can do for them in return. The biggest benefit you can offer publications, blogs, and other digital channels is name recognition that will generate traffic for their sites and, in turn, advertising revenue. This means having an extensive online presence is paramount: The more fans and followers you have, the more likely you are to appeal to publications, podcasts, radio stations, and similar outlets who can share your information and content.Over time, as you develop close relationships with those who work for news outlets, respected blogs, and similar entities, you will notice big changes in your real estate marketing analytics Additionally, you will also likely notice that people recognize your name and that of your company.