Quality positions for breastfeeding your little one

Quality positions for breastfeeding your little one

The concept of breastfeeding seems simple, but it is not a natural occurrence. In being aware about the best position for breastfeeding baby you combat problems and ensure a satisfying experience. What would be the best positions for breastfeeding new born? Each position does have its pros along with cons. The key aspect is that baby should be comfortable for a latch.

The position of cross cradle

The cross cradle is the best position for feeding new born. With arm rests you are seated in a comfortable chair. You hold the baby in the crook of your arm and this would be across the breast from where you feed the baby. The back of the baby’s head is held with open arms. With other hand you might have to support the breast from underneath. Do not bend over as you might have to guide the mouth of the baby towards the breast.

Cradle hold

Once you cradle the baby on the lap, they are going to lay on the side, resting hip and shoulder with mouth level aligning with nipple. If you need use pillows to support your baby along with your elbows. If the baby is small pillow support may be needed in the first few weeks. You might have to support your breast.

The head of the baby rests on your forearm with back on palm and inner arm. The key is to identify whether the baby has gone on to latch properly. The mouth of the baby has to cover at least half an inch of the nipple area.

Breastfeeding in a laidback way

Here you lie on a couch or a bed in a manner that supports your shoulders and head. Once again availing plenty of support here is the key. Do rest the baby in any position that is comfortable for you. The cheek of the baby can rest on the breast and guide them to the nipple.

Clutch position

For women who had a C section this positions works to be comfortable. The baby is kept away from the area of incision. You support the head of the baby with your arm and the arm will support their back. The other arm will support the breast. At nipple height the baby should face you towards their mouth. If the baby is small pillows may be needed to bring baby to a correct height.

Position of side lying

If you able to lay down this works out to be the most comfortable position for nursing. Especially in the first few weeks when you need rest at night. Here both mother and baby are facing towards each other. If you need comfort you can use pillows behind your back or the knees.

To sum it up, whatever form of breastfeeding you are going to choose it will take just a minute to start. The moment baby latches on to nipple, breasts would start reflexing milk. You would be aware when the baby is drinking milk.