Biking the Strand: Manhattan, Hermosa & Redondo Beach

Biking the Strand

If you are planning for an ideal family vacation with your kids, then why not go for a bike tour? With lightweight comfort bikes out there, you can immerse yourself in the culture and history of the place and receive an amazing workout at the same time. So, to top off your trip, you should carry the perfect bike for you, your spouse and your kids. With so many amazing sites to visits and be around, what do you wait for?

The Strand Manhattan Beach Is an amazing bicycle trail which goes for 22 miles south to Torrance County Beach. You have a number of places where the trail transforms to the road too. The strand is a perfect cycling path when you are out for vacations. The serious road bikers enjoy their ride often getting shouted by the locals “on your left”. Cruising on the best city bikes on these pathways is a great idea to get known to these beaches along your way.

The path then goes to Venice Beach. The Class 1 bike path ends at the Venice fishing pier and riders must continue on the Class 2 bike path along Washington Boulevard. The Class 2 Trail eventually leaves Washington Boulevard and takes passengers around Marina Del Rey to a Class 1 trail along the main channel of the marina, an extension of the Ballona Creek bike path.

The beautiful beaches of Los Angeles are unique in their vibes and have different flavors. Right from touring at the Pier in Santa Monica to the splendid Venice Beach culture, the biking makes you relaxed and happy. The stylish beach towns of Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach as well as Redondo Beach give you the sheer pleasure of bike riding in your own space.

Hermosa Beach Pier is one of the best beaches to go for bike riding vacations. It is the smallest but the atmosphere, culture, and accumulated stuff make it lively. It is more like an in-between of Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. The argument can be made when you want to know whether cycling through city streets or beaches, so should you go for a road bike or beach bikes. Getting the best city bikes fills both your purpose well. They are cheaper than hybrids and make commuting in places like Manhattan beach strands easier. With good cycle paths, you and your kids will definitely enjoy their getaway.

You have different options for men, women, and kids. If you are thinking of getting a bike for your wife to do errands or go to and fro from work or just enjoy a casual bike trip on the Manhattan Beach strands on women’s Dutch bike. If you want something lighter with aerodynamics road frame and rims, sleek frames and slim tires to help you ride long distances and beach strands, then women’s Dutch bikes are surely your option. Whatever your requirements or needs are, you can even customize your bicycle accordingly.

So, just take your pick according to your weight and height choose the frame, handlebar, rim, color, and add-ons like a basket and design the most perfect bike for you. If you want to research for the best city bikes, then go ahead. See what you need for daily commuting, leisure riding as well as every route compatible. Once you have decided to place your order for the same from the comfort of your home.