Caught on CCTV: Following Pune’s Porsche mishap, a speeding Audi collides with elderly man in Noida


The young man whose elderly relative tragically lost their life in Noida following a collision with a high-end vehicle expressed that the authorities hesitated at first to acknowledge the car involved as an Audi.

A day after a tragic incident in Noida where an elderly man lost his life due to a collision with an Audi, the victim’s son expressed frustration, accusing the police of intentionally delaying the investigation. 

The family of Janak Dev Shah, the deceased, revealed that they took the initiative to provide CCTV footage to the authorities, who initially hesitated to confirm the car involved as an Audi. Sandip Shah, Janak Dev Shah’s son, shared details with India Today, stating that eyewitnesses, their neighbors, observed a white Audi sedan speeding and striking his father, causing him to be thrown into the air and landing around 15–20 feet away.

Sandip Shah mentioned that despite multiple requests from various sources, they were able to access the CCTV footage capturing the incident. He expressed that the authorities hesitated to acknowledge the vehicle as an Audi until the family provided the CCTV footage and a witness verified it. Sandip Shah expressed frustration, stating, “Their investigation is progressing very slowly; it appears they are intentionally prolonging the process.”

Janak Dev Shah, who had recently retired from Prasar Bharati, was taking his usual morning walk to a milk booth near his Gijhor residence in Noida Sector 53 on Sunday morning when he was tragically hit by a speeding white Audi. The authorities, represented by Manish Mishra, Noida’s Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police, assured that they are actively investigating the incident and pledged to apprehend the driver promptly. “A case has been filed in connection with the accident. Our police team is conducting a thorough investigation, and we are committed to apprehending the driver soon,” stated Manish Mishra.

An eyewitness, Geeta Vaishnav, recounted the harrowing incident, describing how Janak Shah was thrown into the air after being struck by the speeding white Audi. Geeta Vaishnav, who was walking a few meters behind the victim, vividly recalled the tragic event, stating, “We witnessed the white Audi speeding and hitting him. He was flung several feet into the air, and his motionless body landed close to us. The driver of the car quickly fled the scene. We were in such disbelief and shock that we couldn’t even catch the registration number plate.”