India France Talk on Marine Rafales

India France Talk on Marine Rafales

A top French government delegation is set to arrive in India on May 30 to start discussions on the profitable Rafale Marine fighter jet agreement. The team will be in Delhi and talk with officials from the Defence Ministry’s acquisition division and the Indian Navy. The Main motive is to finalise negotiations as well as sign the contract by the end of this financial year, which would greatly benefit the military.

This initiative is crucial for enhancing the Indian Navy’s fighter jet fleet, supplementing the current MiG-29K fighters of Russian origin. The Rafale Marine aircraft, sourced from Dassault Aviation, will replace the existing MiG-29s, representing India’s second major procurement of fighter jets from the French aerospace company in recent times.

 The purchase includes 22 single-seater Rafale Marine planes and four twin-seater trainer versions. The decision addresses the Indian Navy’s aircraft and submarine shortage, underscoring the necessity of meeting its operational needs. The Defence Acquisition Council has approved this plan, setting the stage for a substantial reinforcement of India’s naval capabilities.