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Prepaid Vs Postpaid: What is best for you?


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For every mobile user, choosing between prepaid and postpaid plans has been difficult till-date. However, the major telecom providers such as Airtel, JIO, Idea, and Vodafone totally changed the game with their newly launched prepaid plans.Cheaper plans offering more than your expectations have attracted many youngsters to prepaid mobile plans.

However, corporate people and business owners are sticking to postpaid. So how you would know which plan is right for you? Well, let’s understand the benefits of both first:

Advantages of postpaid plans:

  1. Postpaid works on ‘use first pay later’ mantra.
  2. With postpaid, you can use calling and other services for few more days even after your bill due date.
  3. Depending on your needs you can choose from low-value plans starting from Rs 99.
  4. You can analyze your mobile spends with the monthly detailed bill.

Advantages of prepaid plans:

Currently, prepaid is offering more advantages over postpaid plans, especially with cheap unlimited plans offered by the major telecom providers in India.

  1. These packs come with fixed calling validity, which stops you from generating huge phone bills.
  2. No hidden charges.
  3. You can change your tariff packs easily without having to pay any extra charges. Prepaid plans have a variety of packs to choose from unlimited calling and data packs,special data top-ups, rate cutters,and bulk minutes packs.
  4. You can totally control your spending and keep it as low as you wish as there’s no fixed monthly rental is involved.

Budget and phone usage are decision makers

Prepaid or postpaid: what plan to choose completely depends on your mobile usage and budget.

Prepaid is the real winner if your mobile usage is low-normal. The plans are pocket-friendly with added benefits such as free calling and fixed limit of free SMS. Telecom tycoon Airtel offers a variety of smart recharge and flexi plans to your needs and budget. So for mobile users on a tight budget, prepaid is a clear win-win!

As for people who have medium-heavy mobile usage and daily voice calls needs, postpaid is better for you. Discussing MOMs on-call, keeping in touch with your loved ones from different cities, and managing business over phone is easier with postpaid mobile plans. You can talk uninterrupted and without having to worry about your recharge and data balance.With higher monthly rentals, you can enjoy more SMS, free minutes freebies, and other services.

Know your needs, mobile usage, and budget and choose the best for you. Oh, you already made a decision? Check out the latest prepaid and postpaid plans from Airtel, JIO, Vodafone, and Idea and pick the onewith best offers and prices.


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