Keep Pace with Dynamic Demands of Your Business with SAP Business One


For Pharma based businesses managing best-practice processing is a mammoth task full of day to day challenges. Compliance standards, expiry dates, random weights and correct packaging are just the start. What’s worse, business leaders must be on the lookout for increasing costs caused by constant expansions and changes in supply chain and production – keeping in mind growing demands for more (new drugs etc).

Tackling these challenges in the Pharma industry requires a focused approach that talks about service quality, innovation, and value for money – and SAP Business One is just the right solution that answers this need.

In this blog, we have highlighted a number of benefits of SAP Business One for the Pharma industry.

Adherence to Regulatory Compliance

Manufacturers and suppliers in the Pharma industry must adhere to a large number of regulatory guidelines and compliance standards. SAP Business One solutions ensure that the Pharma business stays compliant to strict regulatory compliance and adapts to strict quality guidelines.

Batch Trace Visualisation

Big Data has been famous for while for solving all its related problems with data capture, storage, search, analysis, and visualisation. In general, Big Data is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  With SAP Business One, you get a Batch Trace functionality tool which allows users to find the information faster. With the introduction of labelling, barcode and scanning technologies there is full traceability of drugs from raw material to production.

Say Goodbye to Basic Quantity Values

A majority of businesses use various systems to manage purchasing, accounting or sales. Nevertheless, these systems do not always meet the complete requirements of a growing food and beverage company.

SAP Business One is a solution designed specifically for the Pharma industry. This solution gives you total flexibility to enter the data in whichever way you understand. It enables the user to enter product recipes based on chemical formula.

Quicker and Easier Decision Making

One of the huge benefits of SAP Business One solution to this industry is the ease and speed of decision-making process it allows. Access to real-time data across all departments of the company enables business leaders to make decisions that can be backed by raw data and metrics. Furthermore, most SAP Business One software is now available on mobile devices which can be accessed anytime or anywhere, so decisions can be made quickly and on the go.

No More Lost Orders

The result of the benefits mentioned above, all boils down to enhanced customer service – customer service is about the customer experience but also about delivering a quality product at a decent price and delivering on time.

One of the common issues observed in this industry is the expiration of products. This can stake the credibility of the business. To avoid these situations,  erp for pharmaceutical industry sends alerts and workflow tools to reduce these issues by defining a warning period prior to expiry and calculates a planned inspection date; thereby, enhancing customer service.

Final Thoughts

The Pharma industry is both highly regulated and competitive, which makes investing in a strong / all-round business solution key to operational efficiency and long-term success. The results of implementing erp software for pharma industry is better customer service, increased productivity, complete automation, and overall streamlined departments.