PNB scam | Vipul Ambani gets custody


Around 11 thousand crore scams in PNB bank has created a panic in the entire country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given no instructions to save anyone. Some agencies of the country are engaged in the investigation. At present, the main accused, Nirav Modi and Mehul Chokshi, are absconding, but the people who are associated with him continue to be arrested and in this case, the CBI has so far arrested the first highest profile of the accused.

Vipul Ambani was arrested by CBI  

Nirav Modi’s five-star diamond company chairman (finance) Vipul Ambani has been detained. Officials have described it as the first ever biggest arrest. Let us tell you that Vipul Ambani is the son of late Shri Nirbhai Ambani, the younger brother of late Shri Babubhai Ambani, the country’s top industrialist and Chief Financial Officer of Nirav Modi’s Firestars International Company. Vipul Ambani has been arrested for the first time in connection with the FIR. Checking 150 Letters of Undertaking of Rs. 6498 crore And those who were guaranteed in this case have also arrested them.

Journal Manager is also arrested Bank’s Journal Manager has also been arrested. Bank manager Rajesh Jindal is here to blame that all this happened in his presence.

Neerav Modi’s luxurious bungalow may be seized  

Let us know that investigating the CBI Nirav has reached Modi’s farmhouse spread over 27 acres located in Mumbai and a plush bungalow built in the middle of it. The team of the CBI has been exploring this bungalow throughout the day on Tuesday. A senior CBI official said that during the interrogation of Nirav Modi officials, the information about his farmhouse in Ali Bagh near Mumbai was found. An official said that the market value of this bungalow could be worth several hundred crores. Ed’s eyes are also on this bungalow and he is preparing to seize it